Moshi — Restaurant Review


My experience with sushi in this country has really been a let down. I was raised in LA went to university in San Francisco, and both of these places (especially SF) are filled with people who are total sushi snobs. I’m guilty of being one too.  All of the sushi that I have tried in the UAE have been either: 1. really bland 2. horrible quality or 3. unrealistically expensive! That being said, I am so happy I came across Moshi! It really knocks down all of the other sushi places that I’ve been to in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Moshi is a super down-to-earth, kickback, California-style sushi place. It’s a cozy mom-n-pop type shop (although I shouldn’t probably say that since the owner looks really young), right in the heart of Barsha, down the block from Mall of the Emirates.

I went there with my best friend Christina, and of course my little partner-in-crime Khalifa. The restaurant is small but the atmosphere is full of love! The owner and manager really put their heart into their work and are so welcoming and hands-on, always making sure that their guests are well-served and satisfied. It’s so relaxed and such a great place to hang out with a group of your closest friends. They even so kindly accommodated Khalifa and brought out fries for him!

Christina and I both ordered our usual drink, watermelon juice, and it came to us in these super cute mason jar-type glasses. Along with that came the traditional Japanese snack/appetizer, Edamame.



First we had the Moshi Dynamite and the Prawn Tempura Maki rolls. My absolute favorite thing from here was the Moshi Dynamite, its got the perfect amount of crunch and all the right flavors! It’s creamy and sweet with a little punch, and a little crunch from the tobiko (the little orange balls). Yummm!

After that, we tried the air rolls, which have a light healthy twist. They are wrapped in a thin rice paper-like lettuce. We tried the Chicken Tikka and Chicken Katsu rolls and both were delicious. The chicken tikka is a bit spicy, and both rolls definitely pack loads of flavor.


We then had the momo, which are the dumplings. You have the choice of either having them steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried. We had the chicken, cheesy chicken capsicum, chicken and spinach and also the prawn. All of them were steamed except the prawn and chicken and spinach. I love my seafood, so naturally the prawn-filled momo was my favorite, but all of them were good. The dough on them was perfect, not too thick.


We then indulged on the two very Arab-influenced rolls– the Cheesy Chips Oman roll and the Falafel Hummus with Cucumber Maki. The Cheesy Chips Oman roll is so good that Christina messaged me the next day saying that she wanted to head over there for another one of them!


I love how creative they are with their rolls, and even if you don’t like traditional sushi, you’ll love these types of rolls. My husband, who is not the most adventurous eater, I’m sure would have enjoyed these two familiar flavors rolled into sushi. It really shows that they put thought into creating their menu. By the way, they even have a vegetarian section of the menu! Moshi is super vegan/vegetarian-friendly,  so much so that they separate their vegetarian cutlery, plates and even cutting boards for vegetarian dishes. Super thoughtful!

We tried the Vegetarian Noodles, where the dough is made to order from scratch! It’s super tasty and filling. We also ordered the Moshi Salad, which has quite a kick to it. It’s got a Thai-salad type of taste, and very spicy so be aware; but we’re okay with spicy food so it was fine, but still had to keep our cold watermelon juices close by just in case.


Then we had tuna and salmon sashimi and nigiri, both of which are extremely fresh and tender.


For dessert we had Nutella Maki. Yes, my friends, there is a Nutella roll! It’s almost crepe-like and the dough is made in-house. Along with that we had Coconut Glazed Momo, which is only made of coconut, a little bit of in-house dough and honey. Yes, we had a third dessert (don’t judge, they’re all pretty healthy, except the Nutella Maki) which was the Peanut Butter Bars, made of peanut butter and dark chocolate. I really liked the Nutella Maki and the Peanut Butter Bars, but the coconut one was not really my forte. Probably a bit too healthy for me 😉




Khalifa had an Oreo milkshake for dessert, which he so kindly shared with Mommy and Aunty Christina. He really enjoyed it and so did we!

The place is small, and has a good amount of people going (because the food is so good!) that it sometimes gets packed. If your not feeling up to making the trip there, don’t worry– they deliver!

Ratings (0-5): 

  • Staff/Service: 5
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Food: 4.5
  • Value for money: 5

Overall Rating: 4.8

Worth Trying?: It’s so worth trying, especially since the prices are so affordable and reasonable. Make sure to try the Moshi Dynamite!

For more information, call Moshi at 800 Moshi (66744).

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