Serena Seafood — Restaurant Review

Let me start off by saying, I LOVE AL BARSHA! It’s probably my favorite part of Dubai. I know it doesn’t have the tallest buildings in the city, or the fanciest shops (aside from Mall of the Emirates, of course), or the classiest hotels, but this area has a lot of soul to it. There are so many different kinds of mom n pop type shops all over Al Barsha and one of my favorite things to do when I have time is to go check them out.

Thats exactly how I came across Serena Seafood. It’s a bit tucked away, next to Sharaf DG Metro station, and it’s definitely one of those hidden gems of Al Barsha. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it at the time I was supposed to (since my husband sliced his foot open and ended up getting stitches– but thats another story), so my best friend and partner-in-eating, Christina did the hard work for me and tried the place out with her husband, Bassil.



Here’s what she had to say about it:

This restaurant takes you out of the desert and puts you in a little fishing village on a Greek coast. The decor goes perfectly with the seafood theme, all white and ocean blue. You can really see the love they put into this restaurant. The owner even introduced himself as we walked in and sat us down at our table. They have a fresh seafood spread where you can choose the fish and prawns that you want. All of the items are bought from local fishermen and brought in daily.  He later told us that the restaurant is named after his first daughter, Serena.


We took a look through the menu and were surprised that for a seafood restaurant, the prices are so reasonable!


We started off with a refreshing lemon mint juice. We had an array of appetizers including a creamy Hummus, a delicious fresh Fattoush Salad, and Batata Harra (a spicy arabic diced potato starter). The hummus came with a delicious fresh herbed bread. All of these starters were great, lacking nothing.


Then came the seafood. We had the most amazing Boom Boom Shrimp, seriously the PF Chang’s version has nothing on this homemade one!


Then we tried calamari two ways. The first is a delicious breaded and deep fried calamari and the second is a smoky char-grilled version. Both of them were cooked very well and not rubbery at all, and the grilled calamari was what I liked most about the meal.



After the calamari we had butterfly shrimp. The size on those babies was incredible– I haven’t seen shrimp like that since we were traveling through Bali and Singapore. They came in a garlic butter sauce; super creamy and tender. This was Bassil’s favorite thing at the restaurant and I’m sure we’ll be coming back for more them!


We then tried the Red Snapper, which was halved, grilled and decorated with lemon and fresh vegetables. Yum! After all of this food, we had absolutely no room left for desserts.


There are very few home-style seafood restaurants in Dubai and this is definitely one of the good ones; it’s very underrated and I hope that more people come to experience just how great it is! It should be a must on your to-do list especially if you’re a seafood lover. The prices are so affordable, so you can’t go wrong!

Ratings (0-5): 

  • Staff/Service: 5
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Food: 5
  • Value for money: 5

Overall Rating: 5

Worth Trying?: Yes, if you love seafood, this is your spot!!

For more information, call Serena Seafood at 04 429 8992.

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