Mantoushe [Restaurant Review]

I was meant to try out Mantoushe, cool new restaurant located in JLT, but since we’ve been in and out of Dubai the past few weeks, I haven’t really had the chance to go there.

Instead, my best friend Christina went with her hubby to check it out and here is what she has to say about it:


The owner just happened to be getting some work done on the patio when we arrived at Mantoushe and she is so friendly, so I got the scoop on their origins and history in Dubai. Sophia, the owner of the restaurant, is a certified Food Scientist so she really knows what she is talking about in terms of taste and quality. She told me that Mantoushe has been around now for more than a year and is hoping to open the second location soon.  Mantoushe takes its name and inspiration from Lebanon. The word ‘Mantoushe’ is derived from the Lebanese Arabic word “Natshe”- which means to take a real bite.


The atmosphere at Mantoushe feels really relaxed and organic, with a cute little outdoor patio to sit and enjoy your meal while overlooking a beautiful green field. Keeping with the organic “green” theme, Mantoushe boasts that all of their ingredients and sauces (even the ketchup!) are made fresh, right in the restaurant! I was also pretty surprised to learn that a lot of the furniture (tables, seating, etc.) was all made from recycled materials.


My life is a constant battle between wanting to eat healthy and NOT wanting to cook, so I loved that Mantoushe is a quick alternative to cooking without compromising the quality of a healthy meal. It’s the place to go for those of us who work full time and are really not up for spending so much time to shop and prepare a healthy meal after work. This place makes the decision of ‘What’s for dinner?” so much easier by ONLY serving high quality, natural ingredients in their food at an affordable price. They also have a 100% open kitchen which is pretty hard to come by these days, where I could see the entire meal being prepared and just how natural the ingredients are.


The menu is full of really unique and fun manoushe, wraps, salads and sides. You can also “Build your own” manoushe, wrap, salad and juice choosing from all the fresh ingredients they have. I was way too intrigued by the combinations already on the menu though, so we ordered 2 of the wraps and 2 sides to share and maximize the taste variety.


Here’s what we had:

  • Fresh Pomegranate Juice and Fresh Apple and Watermelon juice
  • The Steakmous Wrap (Steak, Hommos, Spicy potatoes, Pine nuts, Tomato & Roasted Garlic sauce) with Sweet Pepper Fries.
  • The ‘Mr. Draper’ Wrap (Steak, Mozzarella & Cheddar, Spicy Potato, Lettuce, Pomegranate, Salsa Verde, Peanuts, Dijon Mustard, Honey & Roasted Garlic sauce) with the ‘Quniowawa’ Salad (Quinoa & Greens base with Feta, Pistachio, Cranberry, Pumpkin seeds & Glazed Balsamic)
  • Desert Wrap: Nutella, Banana & Strawberries (mini)


I was way too curious about the Mr. Draper wrap to pass it up and was NOT disappointed. The flavors mesh so well together that I can totally see why this one got a full time spot on the menu after a customer (named Mr. Draper) ordered this so often as his ‘build your own’. Mr Draper, whoever you are, I applaud and thank you! To be 100% honest though, I really liked the Steakmous Wrap better. Maybe because it had so much more meat inside compared to the Mr. Draper Wrap.

The Dessert Wrap was awesome, but then again how can anything with Nutella in it NOT be awesome? Try the full size if you want to share (not me!) or have a sharp sweet tooth.

I reallllly wish we lived closer to JLT and could go regularly without the nightmare that is JLT traffic, or even to take advantage of their 25 Minute Delivery Promise* for JLT and neighboring areas. That definitely won’t stop me from coming back for more though!

So, what was my favorite thing you ask? Easy. Hands down my favorite thing about this place was that you have the option of ordering full or mini sizes of all the wraps! I finally get to taste a variety of things when I go out but simply cannot eat everything that appeals to me on a menu.  Also, get this: the mini versions are not only half the size of the Full, but are also HALF THE PRICE of the Full sizes with the same amazing taste. Seriously why can’t more places have this option?!

Worth Trying?: If you live anywhere in or around JLT don’t miss this place! But even if you live in the surrounding areas call them for delivery!


Staff/Service: 5

Cleanliness: 5

Food: 4

Value for Money: 4

Overall rating: 4.5

*For more information and delivery call Mantoushe at + 971 4 277 8170.

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