Friday Brunch at Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi — Review

Right after checking in and seeing our lovely room, we headed down to Friday Brunch. We came in to The Cafe through the outside door, so we were able to see all the different things that happen on the outside, before we were seated indoors. Firstly, the brunch includes access to the pool, so as your walking across the courtyard, theres many people enjoying the pool area. There’s also plenty of seating outdoors if you want to enjoy the nice weather thats finally arriving. On the corner of one of the outdoor seating areas, there is a grilling station where you can have all types of seafood and steaks grilled.


We were promptly seated indoors and we explored all of the different food stations that they had. As you first walk in, you see the Asian station, where you could get freshly steamed buns or rice paper spring rolls. Its made with special teriyaki sauce, your choice of chicken or beef, and traditional vegetables.


For starters, there’s a table full of mezze type dishes. Along with the typical Arabic appetizers, theres also different kinds of salads, pickled goods and even a baked ricotta!

On another table, there’s amazing array of seafood laid out. From mussels and oysters, to king crab and tiger prawns, they’ve got it all. On the other side of this display, there’s even more seafood! The other side has things like smoked salmon and trout mousse. There’s also a foie gras terrine. Delicious! 



If your feeling meat-y there’s a carving station with all of the different kinds of comfort foods including brisket, baked salmon, Yorkshire pudding, and delicious gravy. There’s also things like potatoes au gratin and crispy battered onion rings. There’s also a station where you can get

burgers made to your liking.



If you’ve got kids, this is definitely the brunch for you– they’re so child-friendly. There’s a whole table for kids foods, filled with things like breadcrumbed shrimp, french fries and other foods that your kids will definitely not say ‘no’ to. Not only can they play in the pool while your having adult brunch time, but they also have access to Camp Hyatt, the children’s play area which is fully supervised by trained adults. Khalifa is only a year old so he’s a bit too small for all of that, but he did enjoy some of the things at the kids food table.


Now my favorite thing from this whole brunch was the desserts. There were 3 dessert areas– first the large spread of mini cakes, and then there’s a table with fruits and a chocolate fountain, then there was also a gelato cart! All of the mini cakes looked so good, so I had a taste of a few but my favorite was the matcha green tea eclair. Oh my god, so yum! 


The gelato cart is also really amazing because the cups are paper cups, so you can take your gelato out to the pool once your done with brunch, and enjoy it as you waddle your feet in the water– which is exactly what we did!

The brunch with soft drinks costs 310 Dhs, with house beverages it is 380 Dhs, and with special sparkling beverages, it is 500 Dhs. Remember, you have free access to the pools and the gorgeous beach included in the price!

Ratings (0-5): 

  • Staff/Service: 5
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Food: 4
  • Value for money: 4.5

Overall Rating: 4.6

Worth Trying?: Yes! A great place to spend a Friday with family, eat good food, and then lay out on the beach or by the pool afterwards.

For more information, call Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi at +971 (0) 2 407 1234.


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