Wellness and Massage at Khalidiya Palace Hotel Rayhaan by Rotana


My husband and I were scheduled in for morning massages at the Wellness and Massage center that is located in Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana. As usual, we had to take turns since one of us needed to watch our little Khalifa while the other one was getting pampered. We were both booked for the same type of massage, the 60 minute Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage. While Mohamed went first, Khalifa and I “pre-relaxed” before my massage by lounging near the pool. When it was time for my turn, I went upstairs and the atmosphere of the spa area is totally different to the way it is downstairs. It’s dim light, calm and so soothing. I walked over to the post-massage room to find my husband in a completely serene-state, sipping on tea in a bathrobe.


It was his turn to be on baby-duty, so he quickly got dressed and left me to be pampered. The friendly masseuse came over to me asked me to fill out a small card that had important medical queries, as well as stress level ratings, and where I would like to focus of the massage to be. Since I know I have a few knots in my upper back, I asked for my shoulders and head to be the main focus.


Since it was an aromatherapy massage, there are essential oils used during the session. My masseuse brought out many different kinds of oils and explained the different properties. Mohamed mentioned that he used the ones that are meant for stress relief. I opted for a rosemary-infused oil that the masseuse said was good for cellulite. After choosing my preferred oil, I was taken to the changing room, which has a separate shower, and a few lockers to keep your belongings. Inside each locker is a new pair of comfortable slippers and a bathrobe for your to change into before the massage.

After changing, I was lead into the treatment room, which is so beautifully decorated. It’s calm, yet still has a gorgeous lively green to it. There is a selection of different kinds of music, and you can sample and choose from them. I chose a very calm, earth tone.


I was given a minute to lay on the massage bed and my masseuse began the treatment. Since the Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage is meant to relax, the pressure was light, just the way I like it! The sound of the music and the rhythmic movement of the masseuse’s trained hands were absolutely in sync. I was in such a calm and relaxed state that I was nearly asleep. She started with my back, and spent quite a bit of time on that. She then went on to work a bit on a few knots that I have near my shoulders. After that, she went on to massage my legs and soon it was time for me to turn over to have a head massage. The head massage was just divine! I could have spent the whole hour getting that, but unfortunately my time was almost up, and my husband who was watching the baby at the time was calling me. The masseuse quickly wrapped up the massage and I was given an calming drink afterwards. I changed my clothes and was off to mom-ing again.

I would really recommend this spa to anyone who’s looking for a relaxing time. They offer several different kinds of massages, as well as wrap and scrubs. They even have a members program that can give you good discounts on the treatments. Both of the masseuses that my husband and I had were very good at what they did. I would gladly come back!

For more information, call the Wellness and Massage Center at +971 (0) 2 657 0188 or visit the website: Wellness and Massage, Khalidiya Palace.

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