Softouch Spa at Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates [Spa Review]

While we staying at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, my husband Mohamed experienced their in-house spa, Softouch Spa. He really knows his stuff when it comes to spa treatments and regularly gets massages, so when he told me that this was the best spa, massage and masseuse that he’s ever had, I was dying to know more. Here’s what he had to say about it: 

My wife had a few things to do during that afternoon, so I headed off to Softouch Spa to enjoy a relaxing massage after a long week. The hotel that its housed in, Kempinski MOE, is so luxurious and exquisite, so I was expecting the same from the spa. It definitely did not disappoint. The design of the spa feels so relaxing and zen, and even the aroma that fills the air is instantly soothing. As soon as I got to the receptionists’ desk, they warmly welcomed me and asked for my name.

Spa Entrance

I took a seat and was given a refreshing welcome drink. Soon, my masseuse came to greet me. He presented me with a spa menu and suggested that I try one of their specialty massages: the Thai Herbal Compress Massage. I’ve had a compress massage before, so I knew a little about it, and decided to go with that. After letting him know that I don’t have any medical issues, he escorted me to the treatment room.

Softouch Spa Interior

The room was elegant, spacious and very well-decorated. The temperature was perfect for a massage– not to cold, not to warm. The fact that they even keep the room temperature just right is indicative that they’re professional. I’ve been to so many high-end spas that have incredible treatments and masseuses, but the fact they just don’t set their treatment rooms to the right temperature, completely takes away from what otherwise would have been a great treatment.

Laid out for my use was a fluffy and comfortable robe, new packaged slippers, and even a choice of either disposable boxers or regular underwear. He explained that I could choose between three different oils for the massage: jasmine, lavender or lemongrass. I opted for lavender since its so relaxing. My masseuse left me so I can change out of my clothes and into the disposable boxers and robe. I was instructed to ring the bell provided, to indicate that I was done changing. As soon as I rang the bell, my masseuse came back into the treatment room and asked me to lay on the bed, and then he started the massage.


The scent of lavender filled up the room, and its calming properties soon worked on my senses. The techniques that the masseuse used were so relaxing and just the right amount of pressure. Soon he started using the main component of this massage: the Thai compress. Dried aromatic herbs, which are meant to have relieving and invigorating properties, are wrapped up in a cloth sachet and then heated with steam. Two of these were used to massage my back and my whole body. I’ve been to Thailand and have gotten massages there, but have never come across something as relaxing as this!


By the end of the 75-minute session, I was in an utterly carefree state of mind. Before changing into my clothes, I was escorted to a relaxing room, where I was given a ginger and honey tea. Since my wife and baby were still away, I took my time there before getting dressed and going back up to the room.

This was the best massage that I have ever gotten! I will definitely be back, and I’m so happy that the masseuse recommended this particular massage to me. I would highly encourage anyone who’s looking for the ultimate relaxation massage to get the Thai Herbal Compress at Softouch Spa.

The Thai Herbal Compress Massage at Softouch Spa is 800 Dhs for 75 minutes. 

For more information, call Softouch Spa, Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates at +971 (0) 4 409 5909. 


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