Sisters Beauty Lounge, Nation Towers [Salon Review]

During our stay at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, I snuck away from my husband and baby to have some much needed me-time. Since there is a Sisters Beauty Lounge on the 3rd floor of the hotel, I didn’t have to wander too far away. I walked into the salon, gave them my name, and was quickly escorted to the nail room for my manicure and pedicure.

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First of all,  let me start by saying that I trust this brand so much; I went to Sisters Beauty Lounge (in Al Bateen) for everything that I needed for my wedding: from waxing, to spray tanning, to the laborious and intricate 3-hour long nail design. When I heard that they were introducing a new treatment for feet, I had to make sure to try it out. The branch at Nation Towers, just like the other Sisters branches, is designed very beautifully. The nail room itself is separated from the hair area, so you won’t be bothered by the noise of blowdryers, and can peacefully watch TV or flip through a magazine while you get your nails done. The decor is minimalistic and very elegant, and has such a peaceful and calming vibe.

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The new foot treatment at Sisters Beauty Salon is by Margaret Dabbs, which is a very well-known brand from the UK. I’ve never had a Margaret Dabbs treatment, but have heard that they are very effective. Once I was seated, my pedicurist asked me if I would like anything to drink, and I opted for water. After bringing me a glass of water, she sat down and took a look at my feet. I walk quite a lot (mainly because I have a toddler to chase around), so I don’t really have the chance to take care of my feet as often as I would like. She said that the best treatment for me would be the Margaret Dabbs’ Dry Skin Cure. As soon as she was about to start, another nail technician who would be doing my manicure, came in and introduced herself. She also started immediately.

Margaret Dabbs Dry Skin Cure 

For my foot treatment, my technician first cleaned my nails using a nail and cuticle serum, then soaked my feet in a mixture of water and a special foot soak by Margaret Dabbs. In fact, all of the products that were used for the foot treatment were by Margaret Dabbs– right down to the foot file and even the nail file!


After soaking my feet, she cut the excess cuticles, and then began dry filing the dead skin off of my feet. She said that the reason why the treatment has manual dry filing instead of wet, is because that way they don’t over-file and damage the skin.

When she was done filing, she applied a scrub on my feet, which helped freshen them up and get rid of all of the dead skin. Once the scrub was removed, she brought paraffin foot bags, and I slid my feet into them and let them sit there for a few minutes. The paraffin feels so warm and you can almost feel it working its magic. While the paraffin treatment was on my feet, she gave me a neck and shoulder massage, which was beyond relaxing!


When she peeled the paraffin away, my feet were as soft as baby skin. It was incredible! When my feet paraffin-free, she used a moisturizer to massage my feet and lower legs. What a way to wrap up the treatment. When she was done with all that the treatment entails, she finished off by applying a gorgeous deep maroon Essie nail polish on my toes. The treatment felt incredible, and I think that its one of those  much needed treatments that every woman can benefit from.

Classic Manicure

I’ve gotten manicures at Sisters Beauty Lounge, and out of all of the salons I’ve ever tried, its my favorite classic manicure. The result is always incredible, regardless of who your nail technician is. The secret is in the technique that they use. Instead of your average water soak, you wear specially moisturized gloves which are beneficial to your nails, cuticles and your skin. Also, whats great about it is that you can easily use your phone or flip magazine pages.

After she was done with filing my nails, trimming my cuticles, and massaging my hands and arms, she applied color. She even did a little bit of simple nail art on a couple of my nails, using Essie colors. I loved the result and would come back any day for a manicure.


The Margaret Dabbs Dry Skin Care treatment is 180 Dhs, and the Classic Manicure is 85 Dhs. 

For more information, call Sisters Beauty Lounge, Nation Towers at +971 (0) 2 621 0044. 

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