Sukhothai [Restaurant Review]

On the first night of our stay at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Center, we headed down to their Thai restaurant, Sukhothai. This property is huge, and there are so many restaurants that you wouldn’t even know of if you didn’t take the time to explore it or ask about it.

It was a short 5-minute walk from our room at Le Royal Club. You can tell that its a Thai restaurant from the moment you lay eyes on it– its has a beautiful wooden Thai-theme. The staff welcomed us, checked our reservation and led us to our table. It was actually a really good thing that we had a reservation because almost every table was taken and we came in a group of 4 adults (plus of course my little Khalifa, who doesn’t really eat but still takes table space).

I love the theme of the restaurant. Everything is Thai and there’s even a center-stage area that looks like a little Thai temple, where theres a live performer, fully clothed in traditional clothes and plays traditional instruments. Its beautiful but the best part is that it doesn’t feel super pretentious and is a great family place that I would definitely feel comfortable bringing Khalifa to again.


The waiter came by, and we ordered our drinks– a variety of mocktails. For the food order, we put our trust entirely on him and he brought out a spread of all of the best dishes that Sukhothai has to offer. Our starter was Khong Wang Sukhothai, which is a appetizer platter that includes fish cakes, chicken satay, prawn balls, crab, chicken dumpling and chicken wrapped in pandan leaves.


I personally liked the fish cakes the most– it was a tad bit spicy and the flavor was delicious! The entire platter was devoured, so it just goes to show that everyone loved all of it!


For mains, we had Goong Thod Grathiam, which is deep-fried prawns with garlic and pepper. Along with that we also had a selection of different curries, including one with beef and another with lobster. The lobster curry, Phanaeng Goong Mang Gorn, was a creamy and scrumptious curry– not only was the lobster meat cooked perfectly, but the gravy was so good that we literally finished every last drop of it. This is a definite must-try when your visiting Sukothai!



To go with these curries, we had a dish of Pad Thai and Vegetable Fried Rice– both very flavorful!


After our mains, we decided to have a little something sweet to help digest all of the delicious food. We ordered a Fruit Platter, Sticky Mango Rice and a Crepe Morakot.


The Sticky Mango Rice was sweet and a bit heavy, so you definitely have to leave room for that. The Crepe Morakot was something that I’ve never tried before– its a green crepe with a filling and is served with coconut ice cream on the side. Yum!

Ratings (0-5): 

  • Staff/Service: 5
  • Ambience: 4.5
  • Food: 4
  • Presentation: 4
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Value for money: 4.5

Overall Rating: 4.5

Worth Trying?: Delicious Thai food in a nice setting that makes you feel like your right there in Thailand! 

For more information call +971 (0) 4 702 2455. 

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