NStyle JBR [Salon Review]

One of the best things about daytime in Ramadan is that the salons are nearly empty! People are just too busy cooking, or too tired to make their way to the salon, and this is why I take advantage of that.

I went down to the NStyle at JBR last week to do a full pamper session with so many different services including waxing, threading, hair wash/blowdry, manicure, pedicure, and eyelash extensions. I spent around 4 hours there, which was a blissful break from my usual situation that week: staying at home and taking care of a teething baby as well as a toddler who managed to fracture his leg on a trampoline. No mom should have to justify why she needs a break from being at home all day, but I think a hard week like that is a very good reason to go to the salon for a full 4 hours!


So, like I said, the salon was empty due to it being mid-week in Ramadan. The staff were warm, welcoming and expecting me. I had so many different services booked, so they scheduled everything out perfectly.

Manicure and Pedicure

My first service that was booked was for a mani/pedi. I usually try to go to the salon before Ramadan starts, its kind of a pre-cleanse thing I like to do, but I didn’t get the chance. I still had some nail polish on and I wanted to go completely bare-nailed this month. The nail technicians did a good job of cleaning, shaping and filing everything. They finished it off with some lotion and a little massage.Nstyle Spa Interior Image

Eyelash Extensions

The second service that I had was Eyelash Extensions. These were by far the best eyelash extensions I have ever gotten in my life. The beautician, Ksenia, who does them at NStyle’s JBR branch is incredible. The process took about an hour for a full set of lashes, and it was such a relaxing half an hour. It was literally more relaxing than a massage because I had uninterrupted sleep (something I never get at home these days, haha).

At the end of it, she had me open my eyes and I didn’t feel a single sting of burning, which is the usual end of all of my other eyelash extension appointments. The lashes, although they were much fuller and longer than I’ve ever gotten before, felt incredibly light and soft. The quality was seriously impeccable. If you need to get eyelashes done, I would HIGHLY recommend Ksenia at Nstyle!

Waxing and Threading

After my lashes were done, I had a waxing appointment. I usually get waxed once a month– full arms, legs and underarms. The technician did a good job but there was a bit of an issue with the lotion from the mani/pedi. I usually always request that the mani/pedi be done at the very end because of this reason, but I totally forgot to do so this time.

The threading was done by the same person and she was incredibly fast and it was very painless (the least painful threading that I think I’ve gotten). To be honest though, I don’t feel that the technique she used is great in terms of being long-lasting, because I can already see some growth starting on my eyebrows a week later (which usually doesn’t happen until about 2 and a half weeks later).

Blow Dry

The very last service that I had for that day was a blow dry. NStyle carries so many products that help you have healthy hair, so if your looking for any special treatments, definitely go there to get it done for your hair.

NStyle Hair Salon Interior Image

I didn’t have much time left to try out a special treatment, but I did have a very nice hair wash and blow dry done. The hairstylist made sure to use a good amount of hairspray to make sure it stayed in place until the next day (which is when I had an event). She really did a good job!



I love there are NStyle salons all over the country and you can easily get the same great quality of service whether you are in the JBR branch or in any other branch. I would have to say that the highlight of my salon time at NStyle last week was definitely the lashes. I’m getting so many compliments about them, and they look so beautiful. It saves me so much time when I put on makeup and I think lash extensions are a necessity for any mommy (or woman) who is time poor!

To book at NStyle, call +971 (0) 4 437 0270. 

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