9th Floor Restaurant [Phuket, Thailand]

If there is one restaurant that has amazing views in Patong, its this one. As the name suggests, its located on the 9th floor and has a spectacular view overlooking the entire town. We arrived just in time for sunset, and the restaurant was still very quite. Honestly, it was a good thing for us because we brought the kids and the whole nighttime lounge vibe wouldn’t have been ideal with the little ones in tow.


The Service:

All of the girls at 9th Floor were incredibly friendly, attentive and knew what they were talking about when it came to the menu. They brought out coloring papers for my 3-year-old Khalifa and were very playful with my 10-month-old Jude. By the middle of our dinner Khalifa had completely disappeared from our table, and decided that the girls were much more fun to hang out with— he was literally chatting them up at the bar!


The Food:

The food is a mix of Western and fusion dishes. We mainly ordered Thai and Thai-fusion dishes.


Everything was very tasty and I thought the portion sizes were perfect— not too small, not too big. I really liked my main dish, which was a risotto with Thai flavors. My husband ordered the Sea Bass and it was delicious! The put a flavorful crust on top, which gives it a punch of flavor. The next time we go back, I’ll definitely have to order that dish.


Since the kids had eaten earlier, we only ordered for 3 adults. We each got an appetizer, main dish and a non-alcoholic drink. Everything came out to just under 4,000 Thai Baht.


Although we went there early when it was empty, this place gets very packed! I would highly suggest you book ahead of time, especially to get a table with a view. You can book it here: The 9th Floor Restaurant Phuket.

By the way, for most of our restaurant bookings in Phuket, we used www.e-table.asia. They have all the best restaurants on there, so make sure to check it out!

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