The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai JBR [Hotel Review]

First Impressions:

Dubai is home to two Ritz-Carlton properties, one in DIFC and one in JBR. Although both are beautiful, the JBR one is much better suited to our needs, especially since we have two little ones in tow! The Ritz-Carlton in JBR has been around for a while, so of course I’m familiar with the property (having gone there several times for dinners and gatherings), but this was the first time we booked a stay there.

Its located at the very beginning of JBR, and its a hidden gem. You can’t really get a glimpse of what its like from the outside (while your just driving past it on JBR), and there is a zig-zag driveway that takes you to the front entrance. Its the perfect city resort–right in the middle of everything, but once you’re on the property, it doesn’t look like you’re on JBR at all!


The hotel itself has a luxurious Arabic-style decor in the lobby. Our check-in was smooth and we were escorted to our suite within minutes.

Our Family Suite:

We stayed in the Family Suite, which is a 2-bedroom suite, with a living/dining room, 3 bathrooms and 3 balconies. All of the balconies opened up to views of the beach!


The suite is spacious and had plenty of space for myself, my husband, our two very active kids and our nanny. In terms of the set up, there was plenty of privacy. We had walk-in closets, large tubs in both en-suites and it was a well-thought-out family set up.

I really appreciated the fact that they didn’t keep any glasses, vases or breakable items within reach of the kids. Even the furniture itself didn’t have any sharp edges; as a mom with a 1 year old and a (just-turned) 4 year old, I notice these things right off the bat!

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the best reputed hotel chains in the world and there’s a reason why they have that reputation: the service and the thoughtfulness. My son’s birthday had just passed and they left a cake and goodies for him and my daughter, including stuffed camel toys, a beach ball and other little sweets and treats. They even kept a bottle of (halal) bubbly for me to enjoy.



Since we were staying during the month of Ramadan, my dining experiences were during iftar time. The first iftar was at Blue Jade, which is the hotel’s Asian restaurant. My husband was traveling that day, so I went with a friend who loves Asian food, just like I do. They’re welcome was so warm and they even prepared activities and things for the kids! Blue Jade is mostly a mix of Japanese and Thai cuisine. One of the highlights is their Miso Black Cod! The portion-size is much bigger than I’ve seen at other restaurants in the city and it tastes amazing!!! If there’s one dish you have to get while here, its that! I also really liked their red curry as well as their sandwich maki.


The next day, we actually missed the breakfast buffet so we ordered in some room service for the kids and nanny. Everything was well-made and they loved it!


For iftar on the second night, we went to Amaseena, which is The Ritz-Carlton’s iftar buffet. We’ve been to Amaseena several times before and this was the second time this Ramadan. The buffet is one of the best in the city. They have so many food stations and cuisines and its such an impressive set up! My husband was back in town in time for this iftar and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I also really love the gorgeous majlis set up they did for this year!


We made it in time for breakfast for the second day and they have a really good spread. The kids loved it (I was fasting), but they had a blast!



The resort is incredibly family-friendly. They have an amazing indoor, supervised play area called Ritz Kids. Both of my little ones were there for hours on end each day and really enjoyed it because they kept them busy with so many activities. Even when they got back to the suites, they would ask to return to the play area!


There are also outdoor play areas for kids, but you have to make the most of those in the morning and evening time (daytime is just too hot in the Summer).


While the kids were busy at Ritz Kids, my friend and I had a spa morning. She had a relaxing massage, while I did a body scrub and back massage. Both of our spa therapists were amazing at what they did! I also really liked the spa facilities, so much that I returned the next day to use the steam and sauna (I’ve never done that at any other hotel).


The resort has pools and a beach right on it so you can sunbathe and swim in JBR, all while being on the property and not in the public part of JBR.

Best For:

The Ritz-Carlton in JBR is great for anyone, whether you’re living in the UAE or you’re just visiting. Its luxurious but it also feels very homely and comfortable. Its incredibly family-friendly and your little ones are sure to be entertained. Even their fine dining restaurants are so welcoming towards children! You’re right in the middle of the city so you never have to worry about being too far from anything. I was able to get my daughters milk formula, go to the bank and then the pharmacy, all within a 5-minute walk from the resort.


If you’re looking for a staycation, this is the perfect getaway without really having to get away from Dubai at all! If you’re looking to travel to Dubai, this is also the perfect resort to stay in because you will be able to experience the city as soon as you step off the property. Regardless of whether you are coming for a staycation or vacation, the impeccable service will definitely have you booking another stay here!




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  1. Yes, Ritz-Carlton Hotel is one of the best hotel in dubai. I was reading on the post i was very nice blog and the pictures of the suites is very nice and clean. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.


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