Benefit Fake Up and Sephora Hydrating Foundation

fake up and sephora foundation

These two are my ride or die. They’re both perfect regardless of the weather. The Sephora foundation matches perfectly with my skin, and it can be used for light or heavy coverage. Even when I use it for nights out, it doesn’t feel heavy at all! On errand runs, I pair these two with a nude lipgloss and some light blush and I’m good to go.

The Benefit Fake Up is a miracle product on its own. I tend to have dry skin in the summer (like most of the people that live in this country), and this is the perfect concealer for that. It has a moisturizing circle around the actual concealer. This is probably the only concealer that I’ve tried that I’ve actually liked! I even use it as a highlighter because its so creamy yet light.

God forbid they ever discontinue these two products because I will seriously not know where to go!


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