Yas Waterworld

First of all, let me start by saying that I am definitely not a fan of waterparks. The hubs would go every weekend if it were up to him, but its just not my thing. After nagging me to go, we finally went last weekend, and it was FRIGGIN’ AWESOME… even though I didn’t get to go on too many rides.

Khalifa is going through an “I hate baths” phase so I wasn’t expecting him to be too excited about the water, but I was so wrong. After seeing other little kids in the water, he was so happy to be in, he literally stayed in for 2 straight hours on the water swing!

Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld has several kids play areas but this was the baby area, and kids as small as 7 months old were waddling around in there. It was so nice seeing him play so much! While I sat with Khalifa, the hubs went on a few rides. Unfortunately we did end up having to go on a weekend, so it was a bit more crowded than we would have liked. Even though we had fast track tickets (which was totally useless for me since I didn’t go on the rides haha), he had to still wait about 15-20 minutes per ride since there were so many people.

I’d definitely recommend Yas Waterworld to anyone who wants to have fun and stay cool in this summer heat. The best part for me was that it’s so baby-friendly!

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