Salad in a Jar


These things are my new obsession! It’s super easy to make and even easier to eat! This specific one is a tostada-inspired salad. I made the hubs the real deal, but made a salad version for myself. Everything is homemade (minus the dressing on the bottom), even the tortilla chips.

Prep time takes a little bit of effort, but you can even use leftover dinner and turn it into salad. And trust me, you can make almost any dinner into a salad. For example, if your having grilled chicken for dinner, just chop those left over pieces up and layer it in there with some lettuce, tomatoes, dressing, grilled onions, and whatever else tickles your fancy… voila! You’ve got yourself a healthy to-go lunch for the next day. The only important thing to remember when making a salad jar is to always put the liquid-y stuff on the bottom to avoid everything getting super soggy.

By the way, I know its a bit difficult finding mason jars in UAE, but I got these ones at IKEA for 9-15 dhs (depending on the size).

Let me know what you put in your salad jars!

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