Centro Sharjah [Hotel Review]

Let me start off this review by saying that Centro Sharjah truly impressed me. We stay at Centro hotels all the time when we’re going on quick 1-2 day trips to different Emirates, so I’ve experienced a few different Centro hotels within Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I was initially expecting the same from the Sharjah branch, but was really blown away at how much more elevated Centro Sharjah is in comparison to its counterparts in the other Emirates.


Although we were set to arrive in the late afternoon, we arrived quite late since we were coming from Abu Dhabi, and had to run a few errands in the capitol as well as in Dubai before heading through to Sharjah. The fact that there was traffic (especially since it was on a Thursday evening), didn’t really help either. Once we got passed the usual traffic zone coming into Sharjah, the roads were just fine. The hotel is located very near to the airport, so its not in the midst of all of the crowd and buildings that are near the Sharjah-Dubai border.


We got to the hotel late at night, and the staff quickly helped us unload our bags onto a trolley and helped us in. I was actually very surprised by that gesture because we once stayed in a Centro in Abu Dhabi and even though staff were all around us, and could see the amount of bags we had (not to mention, we were carrying a baby as well), they did not offer to help unload or even bring it to the room. When I complained about this to the manager, he explained that its part of the concept of the hotel that staff don’t usually help with baggage. The fact that we didn’t even have to ask for help at Centro Sharjah and two staff members quickly assisted us was a great start to our stay.



Once inside, I noticed just how lovely the setting is. The lobby area is quite large and the setting and decor is very impressive. You really wouldn’t know that this hotel is considered to be in the 3-star tier if I didn’t just tell you so! Check-in was very smooth, and the staff (although it was nearly midnight) were very lively and kind. They offered us one of the larger rooms, but unfortunately it was a smoking room, so we opted for the regular-sized room.


We got to the room, and they brought our bags in without us having to do it ourselves (again, also very impressive as we didn’t experience this with any other Centro hotel). The room was decorated in a lovely simplistic and elegant fashion. There’s a big comfy bed, two side tables, a long table, a wingback chair with a foot stool, a small glass coffee table, another leather chair, a small vanity area, and a closet with a good amount of storage space for a short stay. They also provide complimentary tea, coffee and water.


The TV was also the perfect size for the room, and has plenty of channels to keep you entertained.


The bathroom is also simple and lovely, with a stand-alone shower, sink and toilet. The bath products, surprisingly were practically the same ones distributed at a 5-star Rotana hotel that we recently stayed at.


Since we were so tired from the long drive, we stayed in the room for the rest of the night. We ordered room service and they were very quick in bringing it up. We also registered for WiFi, which is very reasonable at 55 Dhs per day. Again, especially being that its considered a 3-star hotel, I think that paid WiFi is totally acceptable. What irks me though is 5-star hotels that require paid WiFi– but that’s another story. Centro Sharjah also has free WiFi in the lobby area.

They offered to bring a baby cot for our little Khalifa, but he rarely sleeps in his own room at home and prefers to be nestled between Mommy and Baba, so he did the same here at Centro Sharjah.

We fell asleep almost right after eating. It was seriously the best sleep I had in long time! I don’t know if its because the bed is so incredibly comfortable, or because we were so exhausted from the day’s errands and drive– but I’m sure the bed has a lot to do with it!


We woke up the next day and got ready for breakfast. I was very impressed by the spread. They had several different seating areas– one was located in the main lobby area, the second is towards the back which is still indoors but has a view of the outdoor garden and pool, and the third is an outdoor seating area.


The buffet has a wonderful selection of breakfast favorites, from all types of cheeses, fruits, croissants, several different kinds of cereals, muffins and sweets to hearty omelettes, sausages and frittatas. They have a selection of fresh juices and when we asked them to bring out a small batch of french fries for little Khalifa, they brought it out very quickly.


After breakfast we took a quick dip in the pool, which was set at the perfect temperature. Khalifa didn’t want to leave it!


Unfortunately though, it was almost time to check out, and we went back upstairs to pack and head out. Here is Khalifa waving “bye” to the cars before we head down to leave as well.


Check out was very easy and quick. They brought a trolley to the room and helped us bring all of our luggage down and loaded it into the car for us.

I can honestly say that this hotel is the best Centro that we stayed at, as well as the best 3-star tiered hotel  that we’ve tried out in the UAE. I would easily consider it at least a 4-star!  The service, the people, the amenities and the decor are all so wonderful.

We would gladly come back if we ever have anything to do in Sharjah again. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a quick getaway, and if your staying for more than just a couple of days, I suggest you request one of the larger rooms, as I’ve seen pictures of them and they look quite spacious. The fact that its so near to the airport is also a huge plus if you happen to be traveling through Sharjah Airport.

The price for one night is around 300 Dhs (November 2015). 

Ratings (0-5): 

  • Location: 4
  • Hotel Ambience: 5
  • Staff (Friendliness and Helpfulness): 5 
  • Rooms: 4
  • Room/Bath Products Provided: 3
  • In-Room WiFi: 4.5 (Chargeable at 55 Dhs/Day and Very Fast) 
  • Amenities: 4
  • Housekeeping: 5
  • Value for money: 5 

Overall Rating: 4.38

To book at Centro Sharjah, call +971 (0) 6 508 8000. 

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