Friday Garden Brunch at Kempinski Hotel Ajman

During our stay at Kempinski in Ajman, we were scheduled to enjoy the Friday Garden Brunch that they have every week. Before we even got downstairs to the brunch area, we could hear the music and smell the BBQ from our balcony! We walked down to the garden where the brunch was being held and it was definitely a party going on!


The brunch is spread out across nearly half of the garden area, reaching all the way from the pool to their Cafe Kranzler restaurant. The setup was charming, and we were lucky to enjoy the brunch on such a beautiful day. It was a bit sunny and a bit cloudy, with a light breeze– honestly, such an impeccable day for an outdoor picnic. From the seating area, you can see the beautiful beach and palm trees, as well as the garden and the pool.


The brunch is so perfect for families and has such a great ambience. There’s a DJ, a toddler play area, and plenty of space for your kids to run around– plus a beach and a pool!

Since we had booking, they reserved a seat for us on the lawn area, but we opted to sit near the kids play area so that our little Khalifa could play while we kept an eye on him. We settled at our table and let Khalifa enjoy the toddler area for a bit. He even saw a special guest at the brunch, Spiderman!



There were so many different food stations at this brunch. All of the mains were outdoors. There were separate cooking stations for Asian cuisine, Italian food, Indian dishes, Arabic food and even a grill station for anything from steaks to fresh seafood. Along with that, there was also an open bar.


All of the different cooking stations have dishes that are made to order, just the way that you like it. The service is very fast and the chefs are so friendly and talkative! There is also an indoor section of the brunch, which holds all of the appetizers and desserts. Now, we were at Cafe Kranzler just that morning for breakfast, but they had a whole different set up specialized for the brunch.


We went inside to grab a few appetizers, which were so elegantly put together, and then headed outdoors to try the mains. We scoured the different stations and had a bit from each. The Asian station had stir-fries and Thai curries. The Arabic station had traditional Arabic foods including shawarma and other mashawi-type dishes. At the Indian station there were different kinds of curries, biryanis and even freshly made breads. The Italian station had all kinds of pastas and sauces ready to be made to order. The grill station had shrimps, fresh fish, steaks and lamb chops.


Now, my favorite part of the whole brunch is the selection of desserts. They had many different kinds, all so beautifully made. The highlight of the desserts was their coffee custard tart and the eclairs. They also had a desserts that children would love, including cotton candy made to order!


We really loved the brunch and I would be happy to return here. It’s so great because you can literally spend the whole day enjoying the brunch, the pool and the beach. It’s a beautiful open setup and I know Ajman sounds so far from Dubai, but it’s really not. You can get there in no-time especially on a Friday when there’s no traffic. It’s a must-try!

Ratings (0-5): 

  • Staff/Service: 5
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Food: 4
  • Value for money: 4

Overall Rating: 4.5

Worth Trying?: Yes, and its a great family affair so make sure to bring the little ones as well.

For more information, call Cafe Kranzler at +971 (0) 6 714 5555.

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