Zanzi Bar [Restaurant Review]

Zanzi Bar is one of the most beautifully set beach bars/restaurants that we’ve been to here in the UAE.  It’s literally right on the water and has several seating areas. The person who named this place did a perfect job in doing so because if you saw pictures of the place and weren’t informed on where it was, you would automatically assume it was somewhere as exotic as Zanzibar.


We came here in the day time and so we were able to really take in the astonishing views. There are several seating areas; one directly on the beach (sand and all), two elevated gazebo dining areas and a middle area in between it all. We were seated in the middle area and had a wonderful view of the waves crashing just a few feet in front of us. The vibe is so pleasant and fun. If you ever feel like you need a getaway but can’t really get away, you need to visit this restaurant!


We sat down and they quickly brought out a baby chair for our little Khalifa. We started our order with a small batch of fries for Prince Charming since he’s not the most patient person at the dinner table. Then we ordered drinks for ourselves.


The wait staff were so considerate of the fact that we had a baby and they quickly brought out Khalifa’s fries. Our drinks came second and let me tell you, this is what tropical dreams are made of! We ordered the Lemon and Mint juice as well as the Tropical Fruit Punch. Sipping these drinks on this beach while listening to the waves crash, takes you a million miles away from your stress.


With the help of our waiter, we chose one of their most popular dishes, the Zanzi Bar Seafood Platter. The service again, was very fast even though the restaurant was fully booked.


When they brought out the platter, we weren’t expecting it to be so huge, but its definitely more than enough for two very hungry people! It comes with a whole lobster, several tiger prawns, sea bass, salmon, grilled pineapples, a salad and flavorsome bread. Along with that, it also has three sauces; a spicy mango salsa, a creamy garlic sauce and a tangy tomato BBQ sauce.


This is the perfect beach lunch. I really can’t think of a beach restaurant here in the UAE that beats this atmosphere.


Ratings (0-5): 

  • Staff/Service: 5
  • Cleanliness: 4 (The restaurant and everything is very well-kept but being that it’s outdoors, there are a few flies around.)
  • Food: 4.5
  • Value for money: 4.5

Overall Rating: 4.62

Worth Trying?: I would happily come here to unwind– any day, any time!

For more information, call Zanzi Bar at +971 (0) 6 714 5555.

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