Kempinski Ajman Spa

I was booked in for a facial at Kempinski Spa during our stay at the lovely resort, Kempinski Ajman. Unfortunately my little Khalifa had been quite fussy from teething pains, so my husband’s luck came into play and he ended up going on my behalf. He’s not really much of a facial guy, so he opted for a massage instead.


Here’s what he has to say about his experience at the spa:

I had the chance to experience a spa treatment at Kempinski Ajman during our weekend stay at the hotel. I walked into the spa and was so grandly welcomed by the staff. They were expecting me and already knew my name even before I could tell them. They had me take a seat and gave me a welcome drink and had me fill out a simple medical form.


After that, I was taken into a changing room and then went to my treatment room. The treatment room was a very nicely laid out and had a lovely, calm ambiance. I was ready for my Seasonal Massage. My massage was one of the best aromatherapy massages that I have gotten. This specific massage is meant for relaxation and I’ll tell you this– I was so relaxed I must have fallen asleep at least 2-3 times in between my massage.

Kempinski The Spa_8569_Print (1)


The 90-minute massage started as I laid on my stomach, and the masseuse massaged my back. I have a lot of knots on my upper shoulders due to the stress of work mainly, but my masseuses’ hands were like magic wands that made these knots disappear. You know you put a screen protector on your phone and you push out the air bubbles that get stuck inside? Well thats exactly what it was like. All my knots were gone by the time she was done with my upper shoulders and back.

She continued to massage the rest of my body and it was so relaxing that I fell asleep. After finishing my back, I flipped over on to the other side and she massaged my feet and legs, and then came the most incredible head massage. She explained that this massage targets cranial pressure points. This really is the perfect massage for stress and I would come down to Ajman again just for one of these bad boys!

The Seasonal Massage-Autumn Sleep Stillness lasts 90 minutes and is 475 Dhs. 

For more information call +971 (0) 6 714 5533. 

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