3 in 1, VIDA Downtown [Restaurant Review]

During our stay at the oh-so-gorgeous Vida Downtown, we went for an early dinner at their restaurant, 3in1. Its located on the ground floor and has a spacious indoor seating area, as well as outdoor seating with a beautiful pool and city view. We sat outside, because when you live in the UAE, you just have to make the most of the days that you can sit outdoors (before it gets too hot).


We were there quite early, so although almost every table was taken, it was not nearly as full as I’ve seen it later on in the evenings. However, I think our timing was good; because our little Khalifa was with us too, we would not have been able to sit with him outside since there is shisha also served later in the evenings.


The menu is a bit of a fusion, but has mostly Arabic-inspired dishes. For starters, my husband got the Rocca Salad. It was presented to us within only minutes after ordering it, which was much appreciated. Our mocktails also came along with his starter. The fruity drinks went perfectly with the view that we had!


I decided to skip the appetizer and go straight for my main dish, which was a Grilled Salmon. A delicious and perfectly cooked piece of salmon was presented with some lentils and potatoes and roasted fennel. The portion was perfect, and not too heavy.


My husbands main of Chicken Shish Tawouk was also delicious! The spices were really well-infused into the chicken and all the grilled vegetables that came with it complemented it well. Even the garlic sauce was on point and not too strong.


After dinner, we decided to share a dessert. The Vida Tiramisu looked incredible, so I had to go for that– I don’t usually order tiramisu at restaurants (unless there are no other good choices) because its something that I can easily make at home. However, although there were plenty of great choices on 3in1’s dessert menu, I had to try this special tiramisu because it had an infusion of sticky date cake, jaleb syrup, and figs in it, which is something I’ve never heard of in a tiramisu.


It was incredible! I would probably come here just for that. It’s so different and rich, yet very well-balanced. Yum!

Ratings (0-5): 

  • Staff/Service: 5
  • Ambience: 5
  • Food: 4
  • Presentation: 4
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Value for money: 4

Overall Rating: 4.5

Worth Trying?: Beautiful setting, delicious food and its all right in the heart of Dubai– what more could you ask for?!

For more information call 3in1 at Vida Downtown at +971 (0) 4 437 1678.

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