Healthy Home ME– AC Duct Cleaning Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably caught on to the fact that we’ve recently moved to a new house. I wanted to do a thorough cleaning of the new house and I knew exactly who to call when it came to cleaning out the ACs– Healthy Home ME!


We set  up the initial inspection date and a team from Healthy Home came over to our house within just a few days. They checked all of our AC units and found that there was plenty of dust, but thankfully no mold! The inspection lasted about half an hour, and within that time the team knew exactly what kind of treatment and procedure that they needed to do. A couple of days after the initial inspection, I received an email with all of the details of the procedure and images of the inside of our AC ducts. I was utterly SHOCKED at just how much dust there was inside the AC ducts. The house is literally only 2 years old so I wasn’t expecting that much dust, but from what it seemed like in the pictures, there must have been at least a few centimeters worth of it!


Once I confirmed that I was okay with the procedure, date and time, the team came once again, but this time to do the heavy lifting and hard work! The entire Healthy Home AC Cleaning and Sanitation process took about 6 hours to do, from start to finish (and this was with a team of 4 men), so you can just imagine how much work the whole process requires. Now, before I go on to how they did everything, I have to talk about just how professional the team was! Not only were they were kind and courteous, but they were incredibly clean. They even put on covers for their shoes in order to make sure they didn’t trek dirt across the house. These aren’t your typical AC maintenance guys!


The Healthy Home team started by cleaning upstairs first. They covered absolutely every inch of furniture with plastic, and made sure that none of the dust or particles could seep through. With the AC needing to be off, the guys had to work in the heat, yet they did it all with a smile and were, again, so professional! After thorough cleaning of the upstairs, they took a short break and started working on the downstairs AC units. They wrapped up by 3pm, and before they left they even swept and mopped the floors! I can honestly say that I have never dealt with a more professional home service team here in the UAE.


After a few days, they sent over a full report of the work that they did, and I was completely blown away at just how dirty and dusty our ACs were. Like I said before, this house was very recently built, so I wasn’t expecting so much dust to have already accumulated, but WOW, was I wrong!



Most villa compound/building maintenance companies don’t do thorough AC cleaning so its up to the owners or tenants to take care of their own health. I’m so glad that the Healthy Home team did what they do best and completely cleaned out every inch of our ACs. We have a new baby on the way (inshallah due in November) and I’m just so glad that we won’t be subjecting a newborn to be breathing in all of that dust. I can even feel a difference when we wake up– it just feels so much more fresh.

Healthy Home ME recommends having the AC treatment done on a yearly basis, and I will for sure be calling them up again within a years’ time. They also provide many other home sanitization services, including mattress cleaning, baby room and cot cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpets and curtain cleaning and more! You can even get a free Mattress Hygiene demonstration.

To get in contact with Healthy Home ME, call 800 SANITIZE (72648493). 

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