Bumpa Mats UAE Review

I’ve been looking for the perfect play mat for a while now. Every time I check the usual baby shops at the mall, I come across the same low-quality (and totally unappealing) play mats that just don’t make the cut. Well, there’s a (kinda) new play mat in town, Bumpa Mats, and its the mother of all play mats! It’s long-lasting, super durable, incredibly easy to clean, water-resistant, non-toxic, BPA-free and beautiful! 



All Bumpa Mats have two different patterns, one on each side. One of the sides has a super cute street map layout with many different colors, but the background color is always either blue or pink. The flip side has so many different patterns that you can choose from, from fun and funky, to sophisticated and elegant. Check out all of the styles here.

We went for a fun and funky one, with a pink and blue chevron pattern. Originally, I planned for it to be in the kids’ playroom, but my little one loved playing on it so much that it made its way downstairs to what has now become a mini play area! My 2-year-old loves to roll all over it, play with his toys on it, and he even eats his food on it!


I love that we can use it for so many different things! We take this mat outside to the backyard sometimes and have picnics for my little Khalifa and his friends. My 2-month old also loves it as well– she’s starting to pay attention to colors and patterns and when I play with her on the fun flip side of the mat, she’s completely mesmerized by the colorful community!


While its all fun and games for them, I love how easy it is to clean! Its also super durable and hasn’t been ripped, torn or scratched at all. We’ve had it for nearly two months now and its looks as good as new! That should actually not be surprising at all because I’ve read some reviews online of people who have had it for 5 years and its just as good as the day they first got it. It will last a while, and I can use it for years to come! Its definitely a necessity for anyone who’s got little ones, no matter what age.

You can check out and order Bumpa Mats here: Bumpamats UAE. Within a day or two of ordering, it’ll be at your doorstep!

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