Gloss Salon [Hair Color and Olaplex Review]

I have just found, hands-down, THE BEST hair stylist guru in Dubai! Her name is Deborah and she owns a little gem in Jumeirah called Gloss Salon. Its actually not only a salon, but also a hair academy.

I made my way over on a Saturday afternoon with my 2-month old in tow, because, you know, thats just how I roll these days. When I got there, Deb was ready to start on the absolute mess that was my hair. I hadn’t colored it in nearly a year, partly because I didn’t want to do treatments like that while I was pregnant, but mainly because I had absolutely no time to actually do it, especially with a two-year-old at home. My roots were grown out to the point where it looked like I had a really bad ombre going on! This is the “before” picture:


She examined it, and then suggested a technique of hair-dying which would allow me to grow out my roots a bit, without it being so obvious. I was all for something like that because I really don’t have the time to be running to a salon every few weeks for touch ups. She also suggested that I do an Olaplex treatment, which is something that is relatively new to Dubai. Its a treatment that helps you keep your hair looking healthy. It reconnects broken bonds and is great for people with damaged hair. Although it sounds really complex, its actually not a time consuming process at all. She did it as a leave-in treatment that got washed out before my hair color, and then she also mixed some of the Olaplex into the hair dye. Its just like a hair cream. It can be done every month just to keep it maintained, and its very affordable at only 150 dhs per session.




While the hair dye was working its magic, the staff at the salon were happy to keep my little baby Jude busy. They were so helpful and really let me enjoy being at the salon without feeling guilty about taking care of myself. I’m always against going to the salon and opt for in-home treatments because of this, but I’m so happy that I came across Gloss because now I know I can take the baby in with me and everything will be peachy keen!


After washing out the color in my hair, Deb trimmed the ends a little just to soften them up a bit, blow dried my hair and I was good to go! After the blow dry was done, I could really see the difference in my hair– not just from the color, but also from the Olaplex. It was incredibly silky, smooth and shiny.


I had my hair done by a Senior Hair Stylist, but there are also Junior Hair Stylists that can do you hair, and that will cost you a little bit less. But whats one of the coolest things about Gloss is that you can even get your hair done for FREE! Yes, you read right. You can get your hair done for free, all you have to pay for is the amount of product that is used on your hair. As I mentioned before, Gloss is also a hair academy, so if you would like to get your hair done for free, the academy would be happy to have one of their students do it for you! The students are fully supervised by the junior and senior staff at all times, so you really have nothing to worry about.

To get in contact with Gloss Salon, call 04 321 6588. 

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