Right Bite [Meal Plan Review]

If you guys are following my Instagram, you know that I’ve recently given birth and I’m trying to lose my baby weight. Its not an easy journey for most moms– its hard enough to get used to taking care of a newborn (along with your older children if you have any), and when you couple that with trying to lose 20-30 pounds, its definitely an uphill battle.

I follow a million ‘inspirational’ work-out Instagram pages and try to do a few work-outs here and there (if I ever have time– which is a rare occurrence), but its useless because I don’t eat right. I don’t plan my meals and I end up just making very easy food when I get hungry, and sometimes its just not the healthiest food.


You know the saying, “Great bodies are made in the kitchen”– well its so true. Generally, weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise, and I realized that no matter how much I work out, I wouldn’t be losing any weight without changing my eating habits. That’s when I came across Right Bite. They have all sorts of meal plans, from weight loss, to detox, to high-energy plans for athletes and people who train.

The Consultation:

I arranged a meeting with one of their dietitians, Riham, who was with me throughout my Right Bite journey. I went down to their office and after a full evaluation of my current body (via something that looks like a ‘weighing-scale-on-steroids’– it tells you about all of your fat content, percentage of muscle, etc.) and the goals I have, she suggested I do the ‘Renew You’ plan. I wanted to go for something a little bit more hard-core, the ‘Right Bite Cleanse’, but she warned me that it might be too difficult for me to do, especially since I’m breastfeeding. After discussing it, I decided to go for it any way, and perhaps switch over to the easier weight-loss ‘Renew You’ plan if the cleanse was too hard.

The Cleanse Plan:

On my first day of Right Bite, the delivery man came and dropped of my food bag. This bag comes every morning and it has all that you need for the rest of the day. Along with all of the food for the day, there is also a daily menu, which lets you know whats for dinner and lunch, etc.


My first day of Right Bite was actually a juice day. The Cleanse program has two juice days per week, in which breakfast and dinner and replaced by all-natural fruit and vegetable cold-pressed juices. These two days are supposed to be the hardest, but I found my first day to be quite easy. I even ended the day thinking I could do juice days every day!


Later that night, I realized how wrong I was and that I should have stuck to Riham’s advice. The baby was just SO fussy and gassy, which is a huge side-affect of juicing while breastfeeding. The next day, I called Riham and she was quick to switch my plan to the easier weight-loss plan, however I did have to do 1 more day of juicing before the new plan would be registered in the system.


The second day of juicing, though, was actually quite easy. The ingredients of the juices on the second day didn’t include gassy vegetables, so I (and the baby) did just fine on my last day of juicing. Still, I couldn’t risk the consequences again, so the day after that, I switched over to the Renew You plan.

The Food:

The Renew You plan worked perfectly for me. The food was just the right amount that  I need to both keep me full and also help me lose weight. To be honest, I was expecting the food to taste bland and not be filling, but it was incredible in both flavor and variety. Along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are also two snacks and two side dishes. All of them are labeled with the ingredients and calories. In addition to the daily meals that Right Bite sends, I was also allowed one cup of coffee (no sugar, no milk).


Also, this Right Bite plan never made me feel like I was on a crazy strict diet because almost every day, they provided me with a delicious dessert. I’m talking cheesecake, muhallabia, brownies, etc.– not just a plain Jane fruit salad!


You can choose the menu online and see exactly what you want. They have options for vegetarians, pescetarians, and meat lovers. I never felt bored of the selection because there were so many options.

The Perks:

Being able to have food delivered to my door every single day, without me having to lift a finger to cook for myself was a HUGE help. Usually, I cook three entirely different meals: One for my meat-loving husband, one for Khalifa (who only likes kid-friendly food– no veggies or anything of the sort), and one for me (I eat mostly vegetarian/pescetarian dishes).


Having meals delivered daily saved me so much time and it really put my mind at ease because it allowed me to take care of my family more, instead of having to run in and out of the kitchen to make sure my toddler wasn’t getting himself into any trouble, and that the newborn was okay.


Also another great thing about subscribing to Right Bite was that trips to the grocery store became a lot easier. I didn’t have to worry as much about making sure to use up fruits and veggies before they went bad. Aside from buying things for my husband and the kids, I didn’t need to stock up on things for myself, aside from a few healthy snacks here and there for Fridays (when I didn’t have Right Bite deliveries).

The Drawbacks:

I really only have one drawback from the entire two weeks that I was on Right Bite. Most of the days that I was on Right Bite, I was at home with the kids. However, there were a few days when things were super busy and I was going back and forth between Dubai and Abu Dhabi for meetings and events. During these days, when I was very busy, I noticed that I did get alot hungrier than usual and it felt like the 1450-1600 calories were just not enough to keep me going. I admit, I did cheat a bit on those days, with an extra cup of coffee in the evening or extra snacks here and there, on top of the meals delivered.

Now, you have to understand that on those days I wasn’t just busy with social/blog-related things, it was that I was also chasing around a 2 year old and breastfeeding a newborn. Those three things put together would make anyone exhausted, regardless of whether they were having 1450 calories or 2,000 calories.

The Results:

The day right after my Right Bite plan was over, I felt like a lost puppy. No delicious, healthy meals at my door, ready to go the moment I woke up. No portioned out desserts that I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating. It was a little weird getting back into having to cook for myself. However, I did learn a lot of things through the meals that I had from Right Bite. There were even some recipes that I decided to try out for myself.



Why didn’t I continue with them if it was so great? Because I’m waiting until I wean my little one. I really want to do the Cleanse Plan, because that is the most effective Right Bite plan for weight loss. I just can’t do it while she is still breastfeeding, so hopefully in a few months I’ll be right back at it with Right Bite! In the meantime, I’ll use what I learned from my two weeks with them, so that I can continue eating healthy.

Right Bite is offering Sweet Life in The Sandpit followers an incredible rate! When you purchase a 20-day plan, you will get 4 days FREE! Thats 20% OFF. All you have to do is use the code RBMIZRA when purchasing any of their meal plans on www.right-bite.com. 

Let me know how your weight loss and Right Bite journey goes!

3 thoughts on “Right Bite [Meal Plan Review]

  1. Hi, I just read your review about the right bite meals and wanted to know if you lost any weight during that time… I didn’t see any mention of it.
    looking fwd to your reply as I am considering joining Right bite.

    Thank you



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