Al Seef Resort & Spa by Andalus [Hotel Review]

First Impressions:

Al Seef Resort & Spa by Andalus is located near Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi. Although I’ve never stayed at the hotel before this, I am familiar with the brand because we have stayed in Burj Al Sarab, which is also owned by Andalus. We actually stayed in Burj Al Sarab for 3 weeks, while we were in the middle of moving houses, and we wouldn’t have stayed for so long if it weren’t for their amazing hospitality. Al Seef has a totally different feel from its sister hotel. It feels very mediterranian, and there’s not a high-rise in sight. Although the hotel is not far from the main city, it doesn’t feel like Abu Dhabi at all.



Check-in was incredibly swift. We were welcomed with drinks and the staff pulled up my name on the system very quickly. I was given the key and then a driver with a golf cart came up to us and led us to our room. The hotel is not one single building, and its spread across the property, so having someone escort you is necessary.



We stayed in a Two Bedroom Apartment Suite with Pool View. The suites are very big and perfect for larger families. The decor and color scheme is very relaxing– neutrals with some bright turquoises to keep with the Mediterranean ambiance.


Along with the two bedrooms, there were 2 bathrooms, a living/dining area and a kitchen. Our apartment was on the ground floor, which meant that our balcony opened up right to the pool area!



Al Seef Resort is located in a compound that has so many different dining and boutique shops. You never have to wander far to find some food! You can literally walk right outside the hotel and have a plethora of things to choose from.


For dinner on the first night, we went to La Brioche, which is located in Al Seef Village Mall. I’ve never been there for a meal before (just coffee and dessert), but their food was actually very nice! They have a great menu with diverse items, and the food quality is really good and tasty. My husband, Khalifa and I all enjoyed our meals!


For breakfast, we went to San Francisco Coffee Company, which was literally just outside of our suite! They’re quite new, but their coffee is incredible and they even have Arabic coffee options (something that most Western coffee houses here in the UAE do not include in their menu). Their food selection, however, is quite minimal, but they are looking to expand the range very soon. The service is impeccable and waiters are very eager to satisfy customers!




Activities/What We Did:

We stayed for less than 24 hours at this resort, but we did have a very eventful time. The night that we stayed happened to be their Twilight Bazaar. It’s a night market filled with loads of homegrown products, and there’s activities and entertainment for families. Its a nice walk-through and a great way to spend a relaxing evening, even if your not staying in the resort.


If you’re looking for things to keep the kids occupied during the daytime, there is of course the pool, and also a mall right next to the hotel. Al Seef Village has a Fun Ville, where my two-year-old played for almost 2 hours! Although it might not seem like it at first sight, there are plenty of things to keep both adults and kids occupied during a weekend stay at Al Seef.


There is also a spa, but since we only stayed for a day, we didn’t have the time to try it out. If you’ve tried it out, let me know what you thought of it!


The pool area is a very open plan, which is amazing for adults and older children, but if you have little ones (2-7 years old), I would recommend that you choose a suite that doesn’t open up directly on to the pool. There isn’t a barrier between the pools and the sliding doors of the suites, so it can be a bit difficult to control your younger ones from trying to go to the pool all the time.

Best For:

This is a very leisurely resort. Its great for families, big and small, but especially big! You won’t feel cramped at all, because there’s so much space for the kids to run around in, and for adults to relax. I would definitely recommend staying for at least 2 days because a one night trip just won’t allow you to really experience too many of the things that the resort has to offer. I would especially recommend Al Seef Resorts to UAE/GCC residents who are looking for a family weekend break, because this place takes you away from the city. I didn’t feel like I was in Abu Dhabi at all while I was here. It really has a great Mediterranean vibe!



The Two Bedroom Suites with Pool/Garden view are currently (April 2017) going for an average of 1,200 Dhs per night.

Contact Information:

Al Seef Resort & Spa; Phone: +971 2 307 6207; Website:

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