Infiniti QX50 [Automobile Review]

A couple of weeks ago, Infiniti of Arabian Automobiles gave us one of their Infiniti QX50’s to try out for several days. I don’t usually personally drive myself around Dubai (really, its for the safety of everyone, haha) but I do love to try out new cars, so it was nice to be able to test drive this one.

Our experience at the dealership was amazing– everyone was super friendly and helpful. They even had a little play area for my two year old Khalifa to keep him busy while we checked out the cars that they had.


At first glance the Infiniti QX50 looks like a typical mommy hatchback, but it was actually very impressive in speed, comfort and space! 

We drove it around mainly for daily errands. I was worried about the trunk space, but it actually fit our double stroller plus 2 weeks worth of groceries just fine! The back seat is only a tiny bit smaller than our own family car, the Audi Q7, and its perfect for mommies with 1-2 kids. You can fit 3 people in the back but the middle seat is a bit small, and that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it for families with more than 2 kids. 




The seats are super comfy and feel luxurious! I actually really liked them. We didn’t go on long drives so I can’t tell you about the comfort for road trips, but it seems like it would do just fine for a weekend trip down to Fujairah or RAK. 

We tested the speed on an empty road near the house and it was very quick to gain speed and also super sturdy. Its actually pretty powerful! 

Honestly, I would totally consider it for myself if I ever decided to drive myself around. It’s the perfect size for our family of 2 kids. 

Infiniti is currently having an offer for the QX50, to check it out, visit their website: or call them at +971 4 407 9500. 

For full details on the specs of the car, check out their website here:

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