BBQ Night at Horizon Restaurant

I’ve been to Horizon several times over the years of living in Dubai and they always have something different up their sleeves. During our stay at Amwaj Rotana, we enjoyed their Thursday special, which is a BBQ Night!



It’s definitely a perfect dinner buffet for carnivores! There are so many meat dishes, roasts, BBQ’ed meats, and even BBQ seafood. The BBQ is done right on the balcony of the restaurant and it smells like a proper cook-out.


To be honest, I’m not really a meat eater (which is the complete opposite of my husband) so I wasn’t expecting too much of a variety for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. In addition to the dishes to go with the BBQ theme, they also have plenty of cold and hot starters, different fish dishes, BBQ prawns and some amazing desserts! The black forest cake is especially amazing, and worth seconds (which I am totally guilty of)!



It’s also very kid-friendly because they have a table just for the kids buffet, as well as kiddie-faves like popsicles for dessert.

I especially loved it because although its 5-star, its a very laid-back vibe– totally unpretentious and you can whole-heartedly enjoy a great variety of good food with your family. I’ll definitely be checking out their other themed-nights as well!

For more information, visit their website (Amwaj Rotana Dining) or call them at +971 4 428 2000. 

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