Monthly Faves: September 2017

September Monthly Faves

1. IMG Worlds of Adventure

The largest indoor theme park in the world + Summer in Dubai = a full day of fun! This is literally the best way to spend a day with the family, especially if you want to escape the scorching heat outside. There are 4 different ‘worlds’ in IMG Worlds: Cartoon Network, Marvel, a dinosaur themed one called Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard which has tons of cool restaurants. There’s also a haunted house, so many crazy roller coaster rides and even a carousel for our little 10-month old Jude to ride. Its a very fun place and I would highly recommend it to families with children 4 years and above. Check it out:

2. Summer Bazaar DXB

This shopping bazaar is ending very, very soon so I would suggest you make the most of it while it lasts. Its located in Dubai World Trade Centre, and there are many different stalls to purchase all kinds of goods from. My favorites were the bukhoors, abayas and funky home decor items. They’re truly unique and its nice to know that your supporting a small business when purchasing from there. For more information: Summer Bazaar DXB.

3. Klug Toys- Fishing Game 

First of all, Klug is a super cute toy store located in The Village Mall in Jumeirah. They have so many toys that are exclusive to only their store, and brands that you cannot find anywhere else in Dubai. They have organic cloth toys for small babies and unique learning toys like this wooden and magnetic Fishing Game. Khalifa is obsessed with it, and I love that he can play by himself with it or with a friend. Check out Klug’s website here: Klug Toys.

4. Rasasi Perfumes

Rasasi, one of my most favorite local brands for bukhoor, has now released a line of unisex perfumes. There are four total bottles and they all smell incredible! My favorite one out of the collection is the ط . Its very sensual, yet fresh. They are so versatile, and they are not your usual overpowering Arabic scents. I mean it when I say versatile, because my husband has already ‘stolen’ 2 out of the 4 from me and keeps them in his car for himself! Check out the Rasasi page here: Rasasi Website.

5. Bateaux Dubai

Dinner cruises are a ‘Dubai Must-Do’ list topper for tourists. They’re incredibly common, and there are so many different boats and cruises that provide this service. However, none of them do it like Bateaux Dubai. Its truly a luxury dinner cruise. Unlike most others in its category, the food is prepared on board and its truly meant to be a fine dining experience. I would highly recommend it for a unique date night or even for birthday dinners, speaking of which, they have a special offer for birthdays that you can read more about on the website: Bateaux Dubai.

6. Thiptara Dubai 

If you love Thai food, and you haven’t tried Thiptara out yet, you are missing out! Its the most luxurious Thai restaurant in Dubai, not only because the food is delicious and great in quality and authenticity, but also because it has one of the most beautiful views. You get an exclusive full Dubai Fountain view without the crazy crowds! Its simply gorgeous and a wonderful way to spend the evening. Check out my full review for it here: Thiptara [ Restaurant Review ].

7. Viola Flowers 

This flower shop has some of the most uniquely designed arrangements that I’ve come across! They are just breath-taking and never fail to impress. They can even do personalized notes and greetings stamped on flower petals– how cool is that?! Its also super convenient because they have branches (no pun intended) in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You absolutely must check out my Instagram account to see more of the creations I’ve gotten, but also, here is their own Instagram account: Viola Flowers Instagram.

8. Belle Enfance

One of the reasons why Khalifa’s hair is big and curly is because I just can’t take him to the barber shop without him throwing an absolute fit! I was expecting it to be the same at Belle Enfance, but was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t even let out a whimper, and was even excited. They were so good at entertaining him (partially thanks to Peppa Pig), and they did such a good job of styling his hair. He got a mohawk with a Spiderman design! Jude went bald and Khalifa also had his face painted- Spiderman too, of course. Check out their website: Belle Femme Website.

9. Sephora #madeinholidays

Sephora is hands-down my favorite make up store and I highly doubt that too many girls would disagree with me. The Sephora brand itself has its own line of almost everything– from lipsticks to foundations and nail polish. Recently, Sephora created a special little box just to keep the colorful Summer vibes going straight into back-to-school season. In it are colorful mascaras, eyeliners, bold and beautiful polishes, refreshing masks and so much more! While the box itself is already sold out, you can purchase any of the products individually at Sephora, any time of the year! Check out the website for more:

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