December 2017 Monthly Faves

December Monthly Faves

1. Villas at The St. Regis Al Habtoor Polo Resort

A couple of weeks ago we stayed at the lovely new St. Regis Al Habtoor Polo Resort. Its not like any other resort (and we’ve been to several polo resorts around the world). This place truly has a very homely feel, and its because their villas are magnificently spacious and family-friendly. I’ll be posting a full review of it very soon to give you more details– but if your looking to book immediately, definitely take a peek at their website! P.S. Their prices are amazingly affordable– a 4-bedroom + maid + pool villa starts at AED 2,900!

Instagram: St. Regis Al Habtoor Polo Resort

2. Tara’s Flower Box

Tara’s Flower Box has gorgeous blooms and a variety of different arrangements to choose from. Their signature look is flowers inside a (reusable) box. They listen to what you’re looking for and can customize the arrangements to whatever you might need! We got pink and purple ones for my daughter’s birthday. All I had to do was send in the colors of her cake and they brought over a box with flowers in the same colors!

Instagram: Tara’s Flower Box

3. Atisuto

I can never say ‘no’ to sushi. Its one of my favorite foods and I’m always on the hunt for the next cool sushi place in Dubai. Atisuto recently opened up a branch at Ibn Battuta and their menu is wonderful! Its got a good variety of different Japanese dishes, plus some deliciously creative maki rolls. Its a casual little place with a cool ambiance, so if you’re in the mood for good sushi and Japanese without all of the fuss, this is the spot!

Instagram: Atisuto

4. Bloomsbury’s Cakes

My kids are 2.5 years apart, which means they want what the other one has. Birthdays are no different and for Jude’s birthday, I also got a cake for Khalifa! His cake was from Bloomsbury’s. They have a lot of different flavors to choose from (including Lotus flavor!), and we decided to go with the sticky date cake. It tasted delicious and the fact that they deliver just makes life so much easier!

Instagram: Bloomsbury’s

5. Hello Chef!

I love cooking, but I absolutely dread planning what to cook. There are just way too many logistics involved (especially when you end up forgetting the cilantro or parsley at the store and it totally throws off the entire dish)! Last week, Hello Chef! totally solved these types of problems for me and made things a breeze. They deliver weekly boxes filled with everything you need to cook 4 delicious meals. You can order it for a 2-4 people, and the portion sizes are very good!

Instagram: Hello Chef!

6. JA Festive Menu

This was the first Thanksgiving that I’ve hosted in the UAE. Now that Khalifa is understanding holidays, I wanted to make sure that he knows what Thanksgiving is (albeit the only thing he really got out of it is ‘we eat turkey’). I didn’t want to put too much effort into cooking because its just too hard to handle especially with kids. Thankfully JA Ocean View Hotel saved me by delivering a delicious Thanksgiving turkey with all of the trimmings! I only made 2 dishes and got to enjoy our little get-together with minimal responsibilities. All the joys of hosting, without the hassle! Also, their Festive Menu is available throughout December in case your throwing a holiday party.

Instagram: JA Ocean View Hotel

7. Coega Sunwear and Fitfuse

Coega is a brand that carries different active/outdoor-wear items. They sent over some outfits for Khalifa, Jude and myself. Khalifa and Jude both got swimwear, and they looked so cute wearing them. I especially loved the pool/beach shoes, which was super helpful with protecting their little feet from burning on the hot sand and concrete near the pool. I also received some pieces from their new Fitfuse collection and I’ve used it a few times at the gym. I liked that shirts are long (and cover the booty) and the pants are very comfortable. Thankfully, they don’t have this uncomfortable sweaty material that a lot of workout-wear has!

Instagram:Coega Sunwear

8. La Perle

If you haven’t seen La Perle yet, you are missing out. Its one of the best attractions in Dubai right now and its simply breathtaking. I can’t explain just how mesmerizing it is through words. You have to see it for yourself! I will give you a quick tip though: all of the seats are good seats in this theatre– you’ll never be too far away from the stage.

Instagram: La Perle

9. The Meat Co.

The Meat Co. revamped their menu and it is on point! I don’t eat red meat and I still loved it. They have delicious dishes, and great quality ingredients. The food is good but the staff just make the experience incredible– they are hilarious and very friendly. Its one of those places that you make a regular spot just because the service is so good!

Instagram: The Meat Co.

10. Bateel 10 Year Menu

Another restaurant that added to its menu is Bateel Cafe. They’ve just turned 10 years old and as usual, they’re celebrating in a delicious way. Usually when people think Bateel, they think desserts and coffee but honestly they have an extensive menu– lots of delicious and filling things to choose from. One of their latest things that I absolutely love is the Lobster Rigatoni! So delicious! Also the poke bowl is something I would order again and again. Next time you want to have lunch or dinner out, drop into a Bateel Cafe!

Instagram: Bateel Cafe

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