Eclair [Cafe and Catering Review]

Cafe Review

Location & First Impressions: Eclair is a specialty dessert shop and cafe that has two locations– City Walk and JLT. Although I’ve been to the JLT location before, I’ve just recently visited the City Walk one.


Heading into it, you almost feel like your going to a jewelry shop– its very elegant and all of the desserts are on display. They even have eclairs displayed individually in glass boxes. Its all a very luxurious feel and you can tell that each one is treated and made with loads of love and care.

Menu and What We Tried: They have so many different kinds of eclairs– with flavors like salted caramel, rosemary, rose pistachio, dark chocolate, hazelnut, passion fruit, chestnut, and so many more, the choice was tough!
We ended up going for hazelnut and rose pistachio. Along with it, we also got coffees. Their barista is amazing at coffee art, which is perfect for people who are obsessed with taking pictures of coffee and food, like I am. They also have very good coffee and thats coming from a total coffee snob (also me)!
Service: The service was perfect. They are well-staffed and everyone knows the product and menu very well. If you’re looking for suggestions, they are happy to help! They even helped me push my son’s stroller back to our car since he fell asleep on me while we were there. If thats not good service, I don’t know what is!
Prices: The eclairs go for around 35dhs a piece and they are filling. One is plenty if you’ve had it with coffee or after a meal. However, curiosity will surely get the best of you and you will want to try other flavors!

Catering and Delivery

They have a delivery service, which we’ve experienced a couple of weeks prior. We had their sweet and savory eclairs delivered to one of our recent gatherings at home. It was the perfect appetizer and dessert!
It was the first time I’ve ever tried a savory eclair and it was SO good! All of our guests loved them, and they have a savory flavor for everyone– bresaola for the carnivores, Mediterranean for the vegetarians and smoked salmon for the pescatarians.
They delivered perfectly on time and everything was brought in beautiful boxes– so lovely that you don’t need to plate them on serving trays!
I must add that the savory eclairs must be ordered 48 hours in advanced. Either way (sweet or savory), advanced booking is recommended if you need anything catered for a large event! The savory eclairs are also available at the City Walk location on Fridays and Saturdays.

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