[2017] Best Desserts in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We are totally spoilt for desserts here in the UAE. With so many choices, its hard to know which ones are actually worth it and how they are in terms of quality, quantity and taste. I’ve rounded up a list of the best desserts here in Dubai (and some in Abu Dhabi). Find the best chocolates, cakes, specialty desserts and even a healthy dessert shop here!


Arleqiun (Abu Dhabi)


This bakeshop has been around for decades in Abu Dhabi. They are literally the best people to go to if you want any kind of custom-designed cake done. I’ve gotten customized cookies made there before for my friend’s engagement party, and this year we had Khalifa’s birthday cake made by them. They are SO easy to work with, so accommodating and are truly professional in their field. All I had to do was show a picture of the cake I wanted, tell them how many people were coming, and what flavors I wanted. They did everything else and I didn’t have to worry about a single thing! They delivered it straight to Khalifa’s birthday party and it was perfect in every way. I will definitely going back to them many times more!

Find them on Instagram: Arlequin on Instagram

Shakespeare & Co. Cakes (All over UAE)


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you already know just how much I looove Shakespeare & Co.! Everything that they do (cakes, food, catering, shisha, etc.) is always perfectly on point. Their cakes and pastries are truly unique and delicious. My all-time favorite cake (like ever, ever) is their Melissa cake! Next time you go, try it and you’ll see why! They’re always coming up with new cakes and creative ideas. I also love that they are able to make the mini cakes in their restaurant into large cakes for groups and gatherings that you’re hosting.

Find them on Instagram: Shakespeare and Co. Instagram

Me Just Simply Baking (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)


My Just Simply Baking is quite a new venture started by my friend. She makes cakes that will blow you away– in taste and appearance. If you’re looking for a great homemade cake, made with loads of love, this is your girl right here! She actually made my daughter Jude’s first birthday cake, and it turned out a million times better than the image I sent her. She takes cake catering orders and is quite affordable compared to many of the cake shops here in the UAE.

Find them on Instagram: Me Just Simply Baking Instagram

Bloomsbury’s Cakes (Abu Dhabi)


This cake shop and cafe is located in Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahda Mall. Its super cute and they have some really nice cakes. What I especially like about them is that they have so many great flavors– they even have Lotus! We ordered a date cake from them a couple of months ago and it was delicious. They do delivery inside Abu Dhabi.

Find them on Instagram: Bloomsbury’s on Instagram


Shakespeare & Co. Chocolates (All over UAE)


Most people think ‘cakes’ when they think of Shakespeare and Co. desserts, but they actually have a whole retail line of specially made chocolates. Everything is made here in Dubai and they are really some of the best that I’ve tried. They have really good flavors like Caramel Crushed Cinnamon, Homemade Salted Praline and Crispy Ginger (to name just a few). They also have some of the most beautiful packaging, so its truly the perfect gift!

Find them on Instagram: Shakespeare and Co. on Instagram

Bateel Chocolates (All over UAE)


Bateel has a very classy and lovely array of dates and chocolates. They have great quality chocolate and the designs are gorgeous! They’re always coming up with special boxes for different occasions. Beautiful and delicious!

Find them on Instagram: Bateel on Instagram

Specialty Desserts

Eclair (Dubai)


Seriously, who doesn’t love eclairs?! Their light, creamy and yummy. Dubai has its very own specialty eclair shop, by the (straight to the point) name, Eclair. They treat their eclairs like jewels, and you can see what I mean if you go into their City Walk location. They have so many flavors and there is definitely a flavor for everyone (even people who prefer savory)! With two locations in Dubai and home delivery, you’re sure to never miss out on these delicious treats.

Find them on Instagram: Eclair Instagram

Whipped (Dubai)


Whipped is an American Retro bakeshop, which has been operating via markets (like Ripe and Arte Market), but will soon be opening up a permanent shop in February 2018! Its another one on this list thats owned by a friend (by the way, having friends who make desserts is both incredible and dangerous at the same time), who’s recipes have been featured in several different magazines. She really does make uh-mazzzing American desserts!

Find them on Instagram: Whipped Dubai Instagram

SugarMoo Desserts (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)


The SugarMoo team is such a fun bunch, and they are always coming up with the cutest new desserts. With mashups like the Cupookie (cookie + cupcake), and Knafeh Cheesecakes, Brownie Bombs (with halawa on the inside), you are SURE to never be bored of their creations. They were definitely one of the best dessert places of 2017 and I can’t wait to see what they will be bringing us in 2018!

Find them in Instagram: SugarMoo Desserts Instagram

The Snack Society (Dubai)


Last but definitely not least in 2017’s Best Desserts list is The Snack Society. This is the one dessert place on this list that will actually help you with your 2018 weight goals. They are killing it in the whole healthy snack game. They have things like Sweet Potato Brownies, Healthy Snickers Bars, Vegan Snickers Cakes (yes, you read that right!), and even healthy cheesecakes! So delicious and so good for you!

Find them on Instagram: The Snack Society Instagram

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