Schooling in Dubai is expensive, guys— literally 10k-20k USD per year (and thats starting at pre-school)! Well, now Landmark Group’s initiative, Beat Diabetes has an amazing initiative going on that allows your kids to learn about healthy eating and win amazing prizes (like free schooling!) at the same time.

The Super Kidz initiative from Beat Diabetes is a drawing contest for kids aged 4-6 and a writing contest for kids aged 7-10. Spend a bit of quality time with your little ones, like I did with my 4-year old Khalifa, and teach them a bit about whats healthy and whats not. Have them draw it out, or write about it while helping create the Super Kidz comic. When they’re finished drawing or writing, submit it here and wait to see what prizes they might win!


The Super Prizes include school scholarships at GEMS, an iPad and so much more! What are you waiting for?! Sign up before times up!

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