Jude’s 2nd Birthday Brunch at Al Bahou, Movenpick Ibn Battuta

We’ve been to the Al Bahou Friday Brunch at Movenpick Ibn Battuta several times before, so we knew exactly what to expect (but as always, were incredibly impressed)! I’ve written an entire review on it before, because I truly believe its one of the best brunches in town, but this time I want to tell you guys about celebrating my little Jude’s 2nd birthday at this brunch.

It was an easy decision to make because the set up is PERFECT for a kids birthday party— there are kids play areas, a bouncy castle, a kids buffet room, face painting and so much more! What I especially like is that, the play areas are so close to the brunch area, unlike so many other brunches that have their play areas (if any) in a completely different part of the hotel. I didn’t have to plan anything extra at all for the kids because the entertainment was already done for me!

The adults, of course, had an amazing array of food to choose from— its one of the most delicious brunches in the city! With almost every cuisine you could possibly crave (Arabic, Indian, sushi, traditional British roasts, Moroccan, etc.), you are certain to find something (or everything) that you love. There are even separate rooms for cheese, Chinese food, as well as non-halal items.

For my little Jude’s birthday, I ordered a cake from the hotel and emailed them some “inspo” pictures to get ideas from. We had a very small celebration, but I still wanted to make sure that Jude had a gorgeous cake to remember it by. They used some elements from the pictures and created something new. It turned out very cute and the kids loved it! The singer sang “Happy Birthday” to Jude, who as you can see, was in utter shock, haha!

We’ll definitely be coming back again for more brunches and I wouldn’t mind hosting another birthday party (for us, or the kids!) at this brunch. If you haven’t tried it out yet, book it as your next brunch!

Website: https://www.movenpick.com/en/middle-east/uae/dubai/hotel-dubai-ibn-battuta/offers/offer-detail/friday-family-brunch-in-al-bahou-175/

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