Everything You Need to Know about Sleep

Here in the UAE, A LOT of people aren’t getting quality sleep. It’s not shocking because most of us have fast-paced lifestyles, lots of social events and busy work schedules. To add to all that, raising babies and toddlers (who are not on proper sleep schedules yet) can make you infinitely more sleep deprived!

One of my resolutions for this year was to be better-rested; after all, its the backbone of being productive! I changed my bed, pillows, mattress and even the way that my bedroom gets cleaned and sanitized. Most days, I take a quick warm bath to calm my body and mind and ease myself into ‘rest-mode’. I use lavender-scented pillow sprays before going to bed and I find that scents have a huge role to play in dozing off. Its an essential way to get your mind and body completely relaxed, just moments before you sleep.

I had a really hard time finding good quality sleep products here in the UAE, so I ended up bringing some from LA. Had I waited just a few months more, I wouldn’t have to do that because now there is an entire exhibition that is ALL ABOUT SLEEP! The Sleep Expo Middle East is happening this very weekend from April 11-13th, 2019 at Dubai Festival City Arena and will have everything you could possibly dream of (haha, see what I did there) about sleep.

There will be a Sleep Care Zone where you can experience free services like Yoga-Nidra classes,  sleep consultations, foot massages and so much more!

There will be experts that will be doing talks about sleep for pregnant women, babies and children, dealing sleep deprivation/insomnia and many other topics.

You can check out the website here to see whats happening throughout the 3 days. Its a completely FREE EVENT and all you have to do is register here. 

Do your body and mind a favor and learn how to get the best possible sleep you can get!




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