How I lost 30 lbs (15kg) while eating everything I wanted


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Before I go into how much weight I’ve lost, let me tell you a bit about my journey the past few years– and I’m going to be super transparent in everything! I’m 5’3″ (161 cm) and I’ve always been between 50-54kgs (110 – 120lbs)  before I had kids, but my entire weight and body completely changed after I had them. This is to be expected, but I never thought that I would gain SO much weight even after I was done with my pregnancies. After delivering my first, I never really made too much of an effort to lose weight or change my diet. Life gets real busy when you’re a new mom without full-time help!

I stayed at a steady 65kg. When my son hit 2 years old I found out I was pregnant with my second. Since I didn’t lose weight from the first pregnancy, I was much heavier during my second. By the time I gave birth, I was 75kg and that was when I decided that I really needed a change.

Right Bite: The First Time Around

When my youngest was 2 months old, I tried Right Bite for the very first time. I loved the food, my incredible and dedicated dietician, Riham and the service. I even wrote a review about it, which you can read here.


I, however, didn’t stick to it for long because I found myself cheating quite often. It was hard dealing with a 2 year old and a breastfed newborn on a 1,200 calorie diet and I felt that the plan would be much more helpful to me once I stopped breastfeeding.

Fast Forward 2 Years

So last summer, we got back from a few weeks in LA and realized just how BIG I had gotten. My BMI was nearing 30 (the highest its ever been outside of pregnancy) and I was feeling horrible about myself. I was 76.4kg and I was even heavier than I was right after giving birth! There were only a few clothes that fit me and even those ones were getting tight. I gain weight in the worst places– stomach, face and arms– and its not flattering at all! I hated shopping because it was so hard to find clothes for my size (especially here in Dubai) and I even started feeling out of breath from simple things like walking around the mall.

It was definitely time for a change! I tried working out, but it wasn’t helping much and I soon realized that what I needed the most is a change in my diet. I experimented with different diets, but with a busy lifestyle as a full-time working mom (plus a side business) and 2 young kids, it was so hard to stick to them. Thats when I gave Right Bite a call.

Right Bite, The Second Time Around

Because I’ve tried it out before, I knew the quality of service and food were impeccable. I was certain that Right Bite was perfect for a long-term change. I met with my dietician, Riham, and she did a complete analysis of my body, weight and lifestyle. She recommended that I start on the Renew You Plan, which allows basically every type of food and is a total of 1,200 calories per day.


Its what I’ve been doing for the past 7+ months and its the only thing that has ever worked for me. I reached the target that Riham set for me and I’ve lost over 15kgs so far. I’m currently at 61kgs and I have another 4 kgs or so to lose for my personal goal, but for my height and body type, my weight now is completely healthy and I can see and feel a huge difference! Even the clothes I wore before I had my first kid fit me!


I can’t describe the feeling… to know that a goal that I was so aching to achieve has finally been met is so empowering.

The Plans and Lifestyle

There are many plans on Right Bite, and I’ve tried out a couple of them including the Renew You, the Detox and the Low Carb. For me though, I think the Renew You plan works best. I love my carbs, cakes and sweets and don’t like to be restricted. There are SO many options to choose from daily (literally about 15 different choices per meal) and it satisfies every craving. It also helps that choosing meals is super easy to do! Its all online.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 9.25.24 AM

I have one cheat day, Friday, where I can eat anything I want and usually its sushi, poke or something thats not on the Right Bite menu. I almost never cheat with pizza, cheesecake, sandwiches or any other food that I can easily get during the weekdays on Right Bite. Its really the perfect plan if you’re like me and don’t like to be limited.



I’m also not very active and didn’t work out the entire time I’ve been on Right Bite (tisk tisk, I know). I did start roller blading with the kids every once in a while and do activities that I find fun, but the gym and I are just not very good friends. Had I been working out during the past few months, I’m sure that I would have lost even more weight, but its just not my thing!

Every once in a while, I’ll have 2 cheat days a week, but my body has gotten so used to correct portion sizes that I know that I won’t overdo it. During vacations, I obviously can’t take my beloved Right Bite with me (although I do order small snack jars to take with me to curb sweet cravings). I never gained weight during my trips. Thats how I know that weight loss on Right Bite is completely sustainable!


The Food

The food is incredible. Trust me, I’ve seen the quality of food on other meal plan services because I’ve had friends and co-workers try out different ones, but Right Bite is definitely the best! The variety is amazing and I never get bored. I have the freedom to let them know my dislikes (e.g. capers, artichoke, pickles, etc.) so that they don’t include them in the meals. The seasoning is always on point and it doesn’t lack flavor. I do like a bit of spice, so I add some chili flakes to some dishes and its perfect!





I’ve never had a dish come that was off or bad, everything is made fresh and delivered daily (most other meal plans in the UAE will deliver 2-3x a week only).

On the full day plan for Renew You, I get 3 meals, 3 side dishes, a sweet snack and a breakfast beverage (e.g. low fat milk) and it always comes with a bottle of water and disposable cutlery, which makes it very easy to take the meals with me when I’m on the go.


For the snack, I always choose something sweet like cheesecakes or eclairs — if you restrict yourself, you’ll end up binging later! Why take the risk when you can satisfy your sweet tooth every day?!


Dietician Visits

Right Bite is not just meal plans delivered to your door, its so much more. You can meet with a fully qualified dietician for any and all of your nutrition concerns. My dietician is Riham and she was an angel! So encouraging and helpful from the start.

Everything is tailor-made. You can opt to visit once every month or so and they do a full body analysis every time so you can really see the progress that you made.  If you don’t have enough time for visits, you can always track your progress from your scale at home and ask any questions that you have over the phone. I lost 2.7kgs of pure fat during my first 3 weeks, but my scale at home only showed a 1.5kg difference. It was because I had some water retention, but I had no idea that I lost so much until I stepped on their body analysis scale at the Right Bite Nutrition Centre, so I would really recommend the visits!

My Advice

If you’re looking to lose weight, there is literally no other option that is as sustainable as a Right Bite meal plan. I highly suggest going with a full day plan (not the AM or PM package) and doing it with only 1 cheat day for at least the first month or two. Stick to it. DON’T CHEAT! Be dedicated and strong-willed. The first 3 days are hard, your body will have a bit of difficulty getting used to the calorie count, but once you get past those 3 days, it’ll be smooth sailing!

Right Bite was kind enough to give an amazing offer to my readers, so you can try it out too! Just use the code “RBSANDPIT” or mention my name “Mizra” and you can get 15% OFF PLUS AN ADDITIONAL AED 300 off of EVERY SINGLE the full-day meal plan!!




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