Hello Kitty Beauty Spa [Review]

Girls, I’ve found the absolute cutest spa in Dubai!


I love taking my little Jude with me to the salon, and she feels the same way about coming with me. I felt bad for always taking her with me to these very grown woman salons so I looked around for something that was more kid-friendly. Thats when I came across Hello Kitty Beauty Spa. I know its been in Dubai for quite a while, but I never tried it out before. Hello Kitty is one of her favorite characters and as I said, she loves going to the salon, so it was the perfect match!


Jude and I did a mommy-daughter day at the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa a few weeks back and she’s still talking about it today! We were pampered with manicures, pedicures and blow dries. Jude even got Hello Kitty nail art on her nails and a signature Hello Kitty hair bow hairstyle!


I was really impressed with how patient the nail artist was. Imagine trying to do nail art on a 2.5 year old! She was so good at handling Jude in a calm manner to make sure that she doesnt wriggle around. I didn’t think it would be possible at first!


Once our treatments were done, we indulged on fruity mocktails and Hello Kitty cupcakes. Juju was getting compliments all day about her hair and we will surely be back for more pampering… in fact, I went back just a week later without Jude (sorry sweetie!).

On my solo trip to the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa, I did a hair braid blow dry, a quick trim, a pedicure and a manicure with nail art.


The main reason I went back by myself is because I LOVED how creative their nail and hair artists are, so I wanted to experience it for myself, without Jude having to spend extra time waiting for me to finish. Both my hair and nails turned out perfectly; they are definitely the ladies to go to when you want creative, cute and fun hair or nails!

You can book an appointment at the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa here. 

Also, I know that they want to spread the Hello Kitty love, so if you’re looking to bring Hello Kitty Beauty Spa to your area of the UAE (or around the world), you can contact Rana Eleid at franchise@hkbs.ae.

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