Is your AC making you and your kids sick?

Is your kid getting sick way to often or always coughing? You have to read this if you are in the same boat as me…

My 5-year old Khalifa’s reaction to the air quality in this region has gotten worse and worse. We were going to the doctor almost every week and my son was continually being prescribed cough medicines, antihistamines, antibiotics (if things got worse and turned into an infection), and he used a nebulizer almost every few weeks. He was never formally diagnosed with asthma, but I know that every time it gets a little bit windy outside or there’s a sandstorm, he’s more than likely to need a doctors visit and use a nebulizer.

Over the past year though, it seemed to be getting more harsh. I make it a point to not have the windows open so that it doesn’t get dusty, especially during windy or ‘sandstorm-y’ days throughout the year.  I thought his cough and wheezing was mainly because of the dust outdoors, but little did I know it had so much to do with the air inside our house! I suspected that it might have something to do with the AC and my suspicions were confirmed when The Healthy Home ME team came for an inspection.


The Healthy Home ME team came to do our yearly mattress sanitization, and during that time I asked them to check our AC vents. We used their AC cleaning services before (and I even wrote a review about it before that you can check out here), so I knew the process. After checking our ACs, they said there was a THICK layer of dust and some areas of the vent were even on the verge of growing mold within the next month or two. After hearing that, I booked in the absolute earliest slot that they had available for a deep AC sanitization and cleaning.


A team of 5 came and spent a thorough 7 hours cleaning every single centimeter of our AC vents to make sure absolutely every bit of it was dust-free. As always, they did such a professional job, covered all of our furniture and appliances and put everything back exactly in place when they were finished.

They sent me a report of what they did for our ACs and I was in shock after seeing the pictures. WARNING: ITS GROSSSS!

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 4.42.37 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 4.43.17 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 4.44.04 PM


How incredible is the difference! These are hard to reach places that a regular AC cleaning just won’t reach. I can feel the difference of the air quality in our house and I can definitely see a massive difference in Khalifa over the past few weeks!

There was a point when his coughing got so bad that I wouldn’t even let him come to our bedroom because we always keep the AC on in our bedroom. Poor thing would try and snuggle in with us when he woke up in the middle of the night and I would just have to carry him back into his bed. Every single time that he fell asleep for even half the night in our bed, he would wake up the next morning with a cough!

The worst bits of all this was having to go to the doctors, missing school because he needed to take his nebulizer on time and seeing him coughing throughout the night. After speaking to other moms, I realized that so many people have this same problem with either themselves or, especially, their kids.

There is no way to completely get rid of the exposure to dust whilst you or your kids are outdoors, but you can keep your home dust/mold/allergen-free by making sure that your ACs are fully sanitized by professionals. I would highly recommend that you do it once a year at least if anyone in your family has sensitivities like my little one does. The way that The Healthy Home sanitize and clean ACs is not the same way that (pretty much all) maintenance contracts clean ACs. I can’t stress how thorough of a job they do and they use all sorts of specialist equipment to do it.


Along with AC cleanings, The Healthy Home is a regular in our home for other sanitization services like deep sanitization of mattresses, which completely kills off any allergens like dust mites and anything else that could affect your breathing while you sleep. They also sanitize our kids toys whenever they come, which is amazing because, lets face it, who knows what kind of germs are on there.


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me, because I so believe in what they do — their services were so helpful to my family!

The prices for the full AC sanitization service depends on your home and how many ACs you have. You can request a consultation from The Healthy Home.

The Healthy Home Website: click here. 

The Healthy Home Phone Number: 800 SANITIZE 


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