Shine Spa at Sheraton Mall of the Emirates

After a very filling meal at Sheraton Hotel Mall of the Emirates’ Chocoholic Brunch, I headed off to do some shopping (and burn off all those calories), while my husband, Mohamed enjoyed a Hot Stone Massage at the hotel’s Shine Spa. He said that the facilities were great, and he really enjoyed his time there. Read his full review below: 

Although I was scheduled to have a massage the previous day, we actually arrived late to the hotel, and I decided that it might be better to reschedule it for Friday after brunch. The staff were happy to make the change in the schedule and within just a few minutes, the new date and time were set.

After the brunch, I headed upstairs to Shine Spa. The spa is located on the same level as the hotel’s rooftop pool, and the views from that floor are really incredible.



I gave my name to the receptionist and was warmly welcomed to their spa. After signing a few papers regarding medical issues or anything else that they might need to know before the massage started, I was told to sit in the waiting area and my masseuse soon came to bring me to the changing room.


The changing room was very, very nice. Everything was laid out for me. There was a new robe, slippers, disposable underwear to wear for the massage, and even personal grooming kits.

The locker room is very safe and very high-tech; even if you have any jewelry or valuables, you can feel safe leaving it inside the lockers because there is a special coded entry that you can set for your own locker so only you know the password– no one else has the key.


I was done changing, and my masseuse took me from the changing room to my massage room. It’s a very cozy room and it’s a very low-lit so you feel like you’re in a completely different environment. It’s as if all the stress that you carry from the outside world disappears as soon as you walk into the room.

I was scheduled in for a hot stone massage. I’ve had plenty of hot stone massages before so I know the technique. My masseuse first had me sat down on the chair and then dipped my feet in warm water to start the ritual to cleanse my feet and then even that in itself was very refreshing. After that, I changed out of my robe and laid on the massage bed.

The masseuse did a few massage techniques to release tension from my shoulders and also did a light massage on the rest of my body. Soon the hot stones were ready to be placed on my back. I’ve had hot stone massages before that this was quite different because my masseuse didn’t directly place the hot stones onto my back. He actually placed a towel between my skin and the hot stones so that my skin wouldn’t burn. This is something that I’ve never experienced before in a hot stone massage, but I really appreciate it because it shows that he understands that it’s important to make sure that the guest feels comfortable.

I’ve had hot stone massages before where the stones were too hot (although I’ve never had my skin burned in hot stone massage), it can really take away from the experience if the stones are not at the perfect temperature. He placed the hot stones and used really calming techniques to release tension from my body.

After the massage, he left to allow me to get dressed. After putting my robe on, I was asked if I would like to use the steam, sauna, pool or other facilities. I opted to use the steam and sauna and both of them were very nice and both were placed at the perfect temperatures. They’re also very well decorated in a completely a five-star fashion.

I really enjoyed my whole experience shine Spa Sheraton Hotel Mall of the Emirates. Not only was the massage great but also the facilities are beautiful. I would happily be back regardless of whether I was staying at the hotel or not. Besides, the spa is located in a hotel that’s attached to one of Dubai’s largest malls! It’s such a convenient location.

The Hot Stone Massage at Shine Spa, Sheraton Hotel Mall of the Emirates costs 595 Dhs for 50 minutes. 

For more information, call Shine Spa, Sheraton Hotel Mall of the Emirates at +971 (0) 4 377 2000. 

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