Monthly Faves: August 2017

August Monthly Faves

1. Careem Kids 

If you live in the UAE, I’m sure you’ve heard of the new law– children under the age of 4 must be secured in a car seat to insure their safety, and all taxis and limousine services must provide car seats. Careem was way ahead of the curve and had a service called Careem Kids even before this new law was introduced. We’ve been using it for a while now and love it! All of the drivers know how to adjust and strap the seats, they’re super helpful with strollers and diaper bags, and are so friendly with my kids! Its really the only driver service that I use these days! Download the Careem app on your phone, yalla lets go! 

2. Four Seasons Dubai

We had a staycation there a couple of weeks ago and it was exactly what the doctor ordered! So relaxing and fun, and it felt like an entire getaway, without driving more than 30 minutes away from home. They have so many things to keep kids busy and even more things to keep adults entertained and relaxed. They have one of the best set ups that I’ve seen for connecting rooms for families– you know what, why am I trying to squeeze a whole weekend into a paragraph when I wrote a whole review about it?! Go check out the full review here: Four Seasons Dubai [ Hotel Review ].

3. Flyer Stroller by Just Essentials 

If you have little ones, you’ve most likely shopped at the Just Kidding store. Its one of the best high-end baby shops in town and they actually have their own brand called Just Essentials. This brand recently released a new stroller, Flyer, which is the best airplane/travel stroller I have come across. I’ve tried and tested out several different ones, but the Flyer really knocked my socks off. Its sturdier than its competitors, folds more easily, very compact, comes in three stylish colors, more affordable than its competitors, etc. Its really worth it if your planning on traveling or even if your looking for a compact stroller to use around town. Check it out here: JustEssentials Flyer Stroller.


I’ve been ordering quite often from and I’m really impressed with their service. Not only do they have products that I find a bit hard to come by, here in the UAE, but they also have next day delivery. I kid you not, once I ordered from them at night and received the delivery early the next morning! I haven’t seen a company with logistics on point like that here in the UAE at all! My most recent purchase was the Shiseido mascara. I love how it creates so much volume without being clumpy. See the entire range of their products here:

5. Arlequin Cakes

There’s A LOT of bakers and cake makers in Abu Dhabi, but this bakery here makes the absolute best cakes! Not only do they taste delicious, but they are SO detailed in the work that they do. Khalifa’s birthday cake came from them and everyone who attended his birthday party was blown away by how wonderfully it was made. I explained exactly what I wanted and they brought it to life, in perfect form. There was not a single flaw in the design. Its as if they had copied and pasted what was in my mind. They are SO good at what they do. If you ever need a cake, these are the people to go to! My only wish is that they would open a branch in Dubai as well so that more people can understand just how amazing they are! Check out their Instagram page here: Arlequin Abu Dhabi Instagram.

6. Beverly Hills Salon 

This salon is quite new in town and they bring a bit of LA glam to Dubai. So far, I’ve tried out several of their services and I have to say, you HAVE to check them out! The hair dresser, nail technicians and eyelash specialist are really good at what they do. They’re super friendly and professional, and their prices are very competitive, but guess what’s even better?! They’re giving my followers a 30% discount on all of the services that you try on your first visit. All you have to do is use the code ‘SWEETLIFEBABES’. Make sure to make use of it ASAP! Their Instagram page is: Beverly Hills Salon.

7. Doll Me Up Box

Subscription boxes have taken over Dubai and its hard to figure out which ones are worth it. Doll Me Up Box definitely falls in the ‘must try’ list. They’re the best make up/beauty subscription box that I have tried so far (and believe me, I’ve tried a lot)! All of the products that come in the box are high-end makeup, no drugstore crap here! They actually have a special promo going on and I highly suggest you take advantage of it. Go to their pre-launch website, subscribe and receive an extra product every month for the length of your initial subscription. 

8. Pitfire Pizza

Pizza places in Dubai are a dime a dozen now, but Pitfire Pizza is a little hidden gem. If you haven’t tried them out yet, you’re missing out! They’re quirky, cute, different and delicious! They have great recipes and unique toppings. My absolute favorite is The Hipster. If you’re a vegetarian, order it NOW and thank me later! Also, they’re always coming up with special offers and cool giveaways, so be sure to follow them on Instagram: Pitfire Pizza Dubai Instagram.

9. Champion Cleaners Wedding Dress Service

Okay so I won the award for being the biggest procrastinator with this one: it took me 4 entire YEARS to get my wedding dress cleaned and preserved. I ended up having Champion Cleaners do it for me and they were so professional. They cleaned every inch of it (which is no easy feat– the train alone is about 6 feet and filled with Swarovski crystals), resorted the fallen stones and put it in a box for me to treasure forever! The best part is that its no longer taking up space in my closet– woohoo! If you’ve got a wedding dress that needs cleaning (or actually anything that needs cleaning), send it over to them! Check out their website to see all their different services: Champion Cleaners.

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