Draft Frames: The easiest way to print pictures!

Just like most other parents I have a load of images on my phone that I’ve been meaning to get printed – FOR YEARS! So many memories that are just stuck on my Google Photos that I haven’t had a chance to sort through and make proper frames and albums out of. The task just felt daunting, especially since I take pictures of EVERYTHING!

I came across Draft Frames and it simplified the process – by a lot! What I thought would take hours and days of running down to the photo centers, took literally minutes. Once I selected the images I wanted to print, I just uploaded them to Draft Frames and they did the rest. You can even chose images straight from your Instagram, which I think is incredible because if its good enough to post, its definitely good enough to get printed.

They have beautiful and modern frames. I chose to get two 9-image frames done:

Aren’t they so simple and beautiful? Images like these make a house a home. I also love that the frames dont overpower the pictures.

I love them and cant recommend Draft enough. Check out Draft Frames here.

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